Just stick your hand in and see if anythings in there ?


Dr. Frankenstein
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crew boss …. "Just stick your hand in, and see if anythings in there..."

Florida Power & Light crew, putting in lines for an addition to the Orlando International Airport ,

found the following in a culvert they were using...

The alligator is/was 18' 2' long.
The rattlesnake roundup totaled 87.


Mr Bogus

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you had to post this.... not going to sleep well tonight at all now... :laugh: Harrison Ford: "why does it have to be snakes"


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snopes.com: Power Struggle

Sorry :( Someone had to do it. I suspect that photo is a real good illusion. The guy is standing on a much lower plane, so it can't be directly behind the gator. The gator is probably much closer than the worker behind him. At 18+ Ft, that would make him about a foot longer than the record.

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