Just received some bad news


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I just came home from work on my bike when my neighbor came over with some bad news.

I friend that I know from bowling which is tonight died in a motorcycle accident yesterday.

I only knew him from the league and didn't even know he rode a bike.

Not sure if it was a sport bike or Cruiser.

He and his brother went for a ride for a few hours. They both parted ways to go home.

Bob never showed for work the next day. He was apparently lying in a ditch all night.

Don't know all the details.

You read about death every day but when it hits close as in family or someone you see weekly or work with it's all together different.

I'm just getting off my bike and here about someone I know that lost his life on one.

!!!Here one minute gone the next!!!

Almost feel guilty!


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People die in car wrecks everyday and we still drive... so think of it like that, I guess.

Sorry to hear about this news.


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Sorry to hear of this news. At least he was doing something he enjoyed. All of us that ride know of the dangers involved, but I'm sure that will not help his family right now. God speed


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Sorry to here it, happens once in awhile, never easy...


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Sorry to hear about that, man. Hope you're going to be okay and hope his family will be comforted in some way.

Your story brings back a memory for me.

Had an acquaintance three or four years ago (before I bought my busa) who bought a bike as his first bike. I suspect it was a busa because he was the type of guy who would have wanted the fastest bike he could find. He put a turbo on it (another reason to think it might have been a busa) and some other speed mods on it.

He was traveling on the freeway, taking a slight turn at 120+ mph (estimated) which would be no challenge for an experienced rider. They believe he low-sided, then sailed off the freeway, over a drainage ditch and slammed hard against a vertical concrete wall lining the ditch. They suspect that he died on impact but there was no visible damage on the outside of his body. I never heard the details on the autopsy report but I know that human internal organs can only stand so many g's of force before being unalterably damaged.

His body laid there in the ditch overnight until some cop noticed the scrapes on the pavement which had not been there on his prior patrol the previous morning.

I really hope the guy didn't suffer in the ditch all night. That would be a great tragedy as well.


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Wow, you just never know what the next moment hold for you!

Really wish this hadn't happened. Prayers and thoughts going out to his family and friends.


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I received a few more details tonight from the guys who knew him well.

Unfortunately alcohol played a part and the road he was driving on is a long winding country road with very few lights if any at all. It happened at about 1:AM

Alcohol or not it's still a very sad situation. Fortunately no one else was hurt.

He had just separated from his wife. Three kids from 10 on down.

Thank you for the thoughts and prayers.

We had a moment of silence in his memory.


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