Just more proof that 03 Orange is the fastest.

Part two to the Orange thingy.

Exactly. No matter what light hits it, the silver/grey Busa maintains consistancy. Thus, it's the fastest
Yhea picture has it right. Black and silver with a tinge of green.
OK, maybe i am just slow at this... but I read the thing as:

"the square marked A" AND "B" (the letter) are the same shade of grey.

Am i missing the point completely?
LOL, I am not sure. I think you have to put the picture in Paint Shop or Photoshop to see the color properties.
"As the world's fastest land animal, cheetahs, orange in color, are the odds-on favorite in almost any footrace. After all, they can accelerate to freeway speeds in just a step or two."

"Most importantly, cheetah bodies are uniquely built for speed. Their small heads offer little wind resistance, while their exceptionally long legs allow them to take huge strides. During sprints, the cheetah spine acts like a giant spring, storing energy that can be released in explosive surges. And the cheetah's enlarged heart, lungs, and liver help deliver bursts of oxygen and energy, while specially ridged foot pads help provide traction, much like a car's tire. Such adaptations "make cheetahs the elite race cars of the animal world," says Don Person, a Dutch biologist who has studied cheetahs in East Africa."

"They are speed demons."


Cheetahs are more of a sh*# brown color. I hope your bike doesn't match! Safety orange is more like it. Just try to keep up with the orange cones but watch out for the barrels.
For those of you who don't believe it.. here it is. Both squares are the same RGB color code 6B6B6B.

Lazerblade: "make cheetahs the elite race cars of the animal world"

Conclusion taken is orange is the fastest color for ELITE RACE CARS.

What about ELITE RACE MOTORCYCLES like our beloved Hayabusa? Black is the fastest color... Limited Edition rules!!!