~~just like spring in the east~~


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Due to a hectic work schedule I hit the sack at 1900 hrs. Just beat. Woke at 0400 hrs. with some fresh coffee and a few smokes. Ahh..life is good.

I stared at the bike and said.."it's time"! 0530 hrs. out the door and off we go!

Weather is cooling just a bit and the mornings are wonderful. I keep a log of modifications and the last time she was ridden was June 24 TH. It just felt wonderful to be back on her and log around 100 miles today. No traffic and wide open roads. This feeling is shared by all here on the ORG.

The Rizoma rearsets are just friggin awesome. Solid shifting and plenty of comfort. The shifts are effortless and solid. It's a shame they are no longer manufactured for the Busa. Brendnap, you know what I'm saying here.

I also did a good deed today. While leaving the gas station at Harrah's Casino I found a wallet. Turned it in to security at the Hotel for return to owner. Casino worker.

Well, enjoy the Holiday. Ride and drive safe. Enjoy you're family and friends. Hug your wife also.


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