Just got to ride the new busa and has oil smoke?


well i just got this bike and went out sunday 100mile ride and i noticed a little oil smoke from exhauste when stopping.well i fixed the starter cover leak and drained a little oil from bike.and it was doing it every now and again.
I think its oil pooling in the turbo or a bad turbo seal. any ideas
2000 turbo
240 kit
Could be that the turbo is mounted to low. May just be the kit. Not to scare you but my bike was smoking shortly before my motor went. I thought it was my kit, (turbo being mounted to low) not to long after that I fried all 4 pistons. I rebuilt my motor this summer and installed the same turbo on the motor, guess what NO SMOKE. It wasnt the turbo it was my motor. One thing I would say is don't drain out oil. If it smokes it just means its getting plenty of oil, if it's a journal bearing turbo which I would bet it is looking at your picture, it will be fine. You don't want to sacrifice oil from your motor so the bike doesn't smoke. Just my opinion.
oil was overfilled drained to mid sightglass...hahn stage 1
I was kind of thinking it was loaded up .the smoke is like you tossed oil on a hot exhauset smoke
I got the same setup as you and had the same problem with smoke. I lowered my oil level to the bottom of the sight glass and elimated the smoke.
My bike has done this off and on for 17,000+ miles.Has become less of a problem with time. I try to keep bike as upright as possiable,oil tends to get past seal? but probably up return line when on kickstand, with kickstand mod(lays over more).I use a block of wood when out, or on stands when at home. I find fresh oil ,when ever my system is apart,in the turbo ,intercooler, plenum. Bothered me at first but have since gotten used to it.Amount of oil absent is minimal ,as I am never down at an oil change(2,000miles). Keep an eye on amount,try proping bike up. Give it time so you do not draw pre-mature conclusions.:beerchug: good luck,nice ride:thumbsup:,enjoy thr hair drying experience :cheerleader:
PS I would rather have a little oil in the intake system than starve for oil at a critical time.Then again,a couple oz. less might solve the problem??? ,may try this myself.BTW I run 4 full quarts,what where you told?
I had the same issue and it was manifold angle of the turbo there was oil pooling. so after about 2 hours of work i got a better angle. I believe turbo spec are like 15 degrees of incline for the shaft. Also what kind of turbo are you running?
yeah, i have had that problem, you might use a scavage pump, i would not use less oil, more is better than less! That's a hell of a machine you got! What did you pay ?

A scavenge pump will help on low level turbo setups,we keep them in stock...
What type pumps do you stock, electric or mechanical? and whats the cost? .................hyhflo didn't mean to jack your thread...sorry......... but that is one slick looking bike