Just got one


Just bought my new 02 SE last week and love it. Put 600(break-in) miles on it last week and I am putting on my mods on Fri.I am going to wait for 2000 miles before I put it on the dyno but I look forward to seeing the #'s after putting on the Evo.
I ride with a 02-ZX12r and I had a 01 GSXR1000 before I traded for the Busa. Not many curves in Fl. so the Busa was the bike for me. His extra power was more for me to take plus I love the look of the Busa so I went for it. Not to mention my size(6-3 225) fits the Busa much better. The ZX has a full Yosh rs-3, yosh EMS,-2 up front and k+n... I can't wait to do some roll-ons now!!!
Welcome blas32. I hope you enjoy this site. Post some pictures of your bike when you can. Enjoy!
They didn't have an 03 but I got $8000(trade) for my gixxer 1000 and the Busa cost me $10,000 ($2,000 diff.). If I had cash I could have got the Busa for $9,300. Plus the dealer will match any on-line prices and no charge for install.

(in a chanting rhthym)


Especially since you have the hottest color.
I am getting my 02 Busa Black Se in 10 days. Same deal. Dealer offered it for $9250. They are starting to give away the 02's. I saw on Ebay a 02 Bl/Blu starting at $8600 in West Virginia. He wanted $9200 plus $85 set up. He has 3 bikes. @ bl/blu and 1 sil/grey.
Welcome to the board. Injoy the bike (like I really had to say that)

Don't let them fool you into the "Fastest Color" thingy. It is a fable. We all know what color is the fastest... Black/Bluesa.
Welcome to the club, buy a shirt!

Is it me or are there more new people here recently? Cooool.

10 on a scale of 1-10

And yes blackandblueisthefastestcolor

Welcome, Blas32. Now, stop teasing us here in Toronto about riding. The closest thing I can do to riding the bike now is taking it for a spin down in the building basement parking. Otherwise, have fun with it and dedicate the next 300 miles for me. Jun
Hey new member...10 on a 10 means this is the coolest site on earth for honest info and riders opinions ...get togethers..
and lot's more..we are family..and thank the Captain..mandatory! We are Hayabusa.org..
Ps be at Laguna Seca 03 or else..hope to to see you there!
Thanks Captain for the board!

I can't make it to Laguna. I promised the newlwed wife I would take her on the honeymoon that we missed because of her school.

Maybe in 04