Just got my new gopro 3 white..!!!! Tiny little sucker


Ok so I decided to bite the bullet and get a gopro. Its funny really I always wanted to get a video camera for my bike when I go to the dragon and such and wanted one but thought, nah its too expensive. Funny thing is though I think I spent close to the same amount on crap that didnt work..lol I had a small video camera that used the small cassettes tapes. Ehh not that great and the only place I could put it was on the tank and the adapter was like $30 or more. Not that great. Then I bought one of those kodak zi6 cameras plus a couple of memory cards, crap ton of batteries and a techmount. Again that must have been close to $200 by the time I was done. Oh and by the way. Putting it on the frame slider and hitting the dragon might sound like a good idea but after about the 3rd pass the vibration from the frame slider scrambled the internals on the camera like an egg! I was so pizzed off I chunked it off the side of the mountain...lol... So once again I relearned the lesson of just pay the money and get the right tool for the job the first time and you wont be disappointed. I swear every time I have ever taken a short cut with my busa on something it never ever works... of course Ive never taken short cuts on bike parts cause I know better. Just the extra stuff that bites me in the booty.. Anyway.. so I decided to get the gopro hero 3. I thought about getting the black but geesh. $400 for just the camera unit.. Nah I mean 12mp is great but I just dont think I really need that anyway. I mean for my purposes just tooling around or vacation at the dragon or whatever, 12mp is a little over kill for me so I elected to get the white which is 5mp for $200. That way I could get the extra stuff and wont spend much over $400 total which I thought was a good compromise. So for about $450 I got the camera. Battery back pack, extra battery, a side suction mount, l.e.d. video screen, and 2 64 gig cards for that price. I thought that was pretty good. Got everything except the cards from Best buy since the price for the unit and stuff was pretty close every place I looked besides I got same as cash so that wasnt a bad deal overall. I got the cards off of Amazon and got a great deal on them. 2 64 gig speed class 10 cards for about $70 is an outstanding deal I thought. ... so I got the package yesterday but I had to go to work. I was like a kid at Christmas. Opened the packages up as soon as I got home last night.
One thing for sure, they package the crap out of these things. Geesh, I was like how the heck do I get the darn thing open.??? lol Any way got it opened up and was surprised at how tiny this thing really is. I have never seen one in person and I thought that it was a lot bigger than it really was. The pics on line are huge. I never realized the difference. THe quality of the product looks to be very good. They dont play around with the water proof housing it comes with. Every extra piece I bought came with at least 2 different types of backings. one solid and one called skeleton which is opened in the back. the lcd screen even came with a water proof touch screen to boot.! well worth it i think. I was a little concerned about hooking the camera up to the suction mount and putting it on the bike but after testing that sucker, no pun intended, out I am no longer worried. Wow it really holds on.! I think I will get a tether for it anyways just cause it will make me feel better. cant wait to try it out and post some videos when i get back from the dragon in August.
here is a pic of the stuff I got. AWSOMENESS!!

gopro 001.jpg


wow kinda bloviated a little bit there. sorry about that. Now I need to get a carrying case I think. Just so I dont loose anything
I have the gopro hd...the 2nd edition i think. anyhow i have had the suction cup to 150mph and it stayed on, however I did have it come off in a corner in southern missouri. Luckily it was a very tight corner and I was only going about 30mph. I probably would have never known, but it hit my leg on the way to the pavement. No worries though as it only has some minor scratches on the water proof case. One thing i really hate on the thing is that it is very hard to tell if it is recording when it is mounted low and forward on the bike. I wish it had a wireless remote or a light on the top that indicated power and record. Enjoy it!
I have the HD and the HD2, and they both work great, I will probably invest in a HD3 in the future! The HD2 has LED lights on the the top, sides, and bottom so you can tell when it's recording! I have the WiFi remote and bacpac connected to the HD1 most of the time for the reason mynewride mentioned, the remote flashes while its recording or taking photos etc. I'm actually on my second HD2 as the first one was lost on a ride when a piece of the GoPro mount broke off the pole and took the camera with it! I didn't realize until I reached back to turn it on, stupid me didn't have it tethered!!
It had survived a few months of spirited rides and even two 8 hour+ trips to and from Reno NV. and never seemed like it was weak! I bought this camera brand new at the local Cycle Gear so it cost me $340 at the time, so it really sucked!! I would have been less upset if it would have been the HD1 as I only paid $125 for that one from a private owner!:laugh: Enjoy your HD3 !!
The GoPro is one of the best portable sports cameras on the planet BUT I can still hear the words that a patrol cop said to me after i was pulled over,and I quote "more ammunition for us to use against you in court when it gets confiscated"…………..thankyou for that insight mr policeman and on that note I will cherish my speeding days using my photographic memory.


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congrats! i LOVE mine and use it often. that suction cup works like a champ and i prefer that over fixed mounts.
Just got a hero3 silver myself, suction cup mount(amazon $25), small suction cup mout with tripod adapter(ebay $11), 2 wasabi batteries and chargers(amazon $24), gorillapod(ebay $17), 32gb samsung pro class 10(amazon $40). My gripes thus far is that in ony shoots 2mb of video then starts a new video which I leaned has to do with the firmware update and wifi modes. I havnt experimented with all the resolution setting yet. Theres been alot of talk about the sandisk ultra cards having alot of problems especially in the black for some reason. I dont know what cards those are though.
Congrats, I had one as well when they first came out. I used the suction cup mount on mine and never had any trouble with it. I ended up selling mine. I found myself doing stupid things every time I put it on the bike. I figured it was only a matter of time until I pushed it to far and tore my bike up let alone myself. Congrats again and be safe

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