Just bought 03 Busa silver/grey, has BIG problem

The problem is that no matter what I try, I can't get this big, stupid grin off of my face...I might need a doctor. hahaahahaha...I've made at least 8 trips to the garage in the 3 hours since i've been home just to look at it in awe.

Could you please post links to after-market sites for leather gear, LED lights etc. Thanks to all, this is a great site. !!!


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Outlaw....I have same disease and my bike will not be delivered for 3 or 4 weeks. (Chicago weather)

The Cure.....go get bike out of garage, start it up...go zero to 60 in 2.4 seconds on way to 185 mph. Stay at that velocity for
a few hours (one wheel on ground) and symptoms should subside. Enjoy the ride!!! Congrats!!!!



Congrats, I picked up my 03 silver/grey last month... Put 250 miles on her in the 2 days I had to ride b4 surgery. Counting the days till I can get back on!! Again congrats!!!!!!!!
check out www.alllied bater.com for a very nice undertail w/led taill lights and blinkers...he also has a cool rear hugger.

www.starcycle.com for just about every thing else... (leather's gloves,boot's helmet's...exhaust pipes... they have it all...)

www.clearalternatives.com for clear blinkers...

www.sportech.com for a really cool chrome windscreen...

have fun!!!! hope you have a lot of $$$ your going to need it once you start you can't stop!!!


I'm hoping to have the same problem next Wednesday, Silver/Grey too - Can't wait for that 'Busa Grin' to happen!


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Welcome. Enjoy...and be safe out there ladies and gents. It's that time again. It's spring and the epidemic is starting to emerge. No cure for it, just have to let it run its natural course.


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Like I said in the other thread 24k miles on her and I still have chronic busa-itis. If I can't ride for a couple of days, I have to go out to the garage and take a look. It doesn't help when you pull up where a bunch of other sportbikes are and they just stare.
HAHAHAHAHAHAHA "My name is Dezzy and I'm a Busaholic, welcome to our support group. I apologize that there are so few members here today most are out on the streets trying to get a fix."

Welcome to the Board!!!


ya, I rode around a bit today... drizzling... but not cold. lovineveryminuteofit!

Outlaw: some of us are meeting in Vegas the weekend of Apr 25,26,27. if you are up for a get-together too, let us know.
Cripes! I thought it was just me that had Busaitis!
My first ride I let loose with so many "holey shits" and "oh mans" I lost count of them.

Deputy, take it in the twisties and you can add a little puckering to the oh sh*ts and oh mans. Still have that grin, but still trying to figure out how to get the bugs out of my teeth. Enjoy the ride.
MAN, i thought that i was the only one who went out to look at her. luckily i can put mine in the dining room and sit on her and watch tv and wax her when its snowing and raining. I have it real bad also


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Me too..for months just rolling it out of the garage to look at it was awsome..8K later..still pure love..hope to own it till death at an old age...now soon 52...ahhh..20 to 30 years to go..i hope...
Ps wasn't it awsome great news that the Us rescued the 7 that were missing...made my day..

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