just a pic or two


enzyme of hypoverbage
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the lighting was just too perfect not to take the pics so i did... I wish I'd mowed the yard before though.. haha either way I like the pics so I'm sharin'

oops.. forgot the pic... either that or Im' just tryin to run my numbers up a little

Yard? What's a yard?

Maybe you can figure out a way to hook up a mover to the 'Busa? Monster Busa Garage!
Hey Ego,

A quick fix to your yard would be just to ride your bike around the yard for a while until all the grass is matted down.
That way you can ride and can at least make the yard look mowed. Just my .02, but it can sometimes be worth a million bucks, or simply nothing at all.


haha.. good idea ba.. but I think it would take a little too long at 190mm's at a time.. maybe I should move to the 200 series tire if I'm gonna do that.
nice pic..even if it is a couple R1's.. the BRP would be so much fun if they would get all the cars off and turn their head when they saw us go thru... haha.. 45mph speed limits suck...

but still a beautiful ride. I love the watershed section above asheville.. awesome views.