junk tire?


I've had my 09 busa since may 7th and have 2966 miles on it. I went riding with 2 of my buddies last night and was in 3rd going around 115-120 and nailed the throttle and the bike slid sideways a little bit. It scared me but I thought not too much of it. We got back to the one guy's apartment and I looked at my back tire and there were belts showing in the center. Is this typical for a busa, or could it be a junk tire? It's a Bridgestone M016 190/50R17 if that helps. Switching to a Dunlop Challenger, I believe, tomorrow.


thats sounds awful. No I do not think that is typical for a busa. I rode my rear for more 6k or so, I can't remember. but I know it was a lot more than 3k.


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Yep, that's about it for a performance tire on your busa if you are the least bit throttle happy. I believe you are referring to the OEM tire as a BTO16M. Which is an excellent tire for your busa.

I've never heard of a Dunlop Challenger. I have a dunlop catalog and I could not find a Challenger? I think maybe you were thinking of the dunlop Qualifier which is also a great tire.

Either way, you should keep a little better track of your tires. Running it to the steel cord and not being aware, is as about as dangerous as wiping your arse with a broken beer bottle!


yes, it's the qualifier, my bad. I guess I might take off a little hard, but I think I corner harder, and the sides are still fine. I will for sure keep better track of my tire condition. I thought about that quite a bit today... what if? Really brought me back to reality. Thanks for the input guys.


I just hit 2300 miles on my 09 and my tire is starting to look a bit WORN lol just ordered a pilot power ct2 190 55

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Qualifiers will shed the tire rubber off the carcass pretty quickly after hitting the wear bars.. they look like they should go further but that center strip gets thin fast and if you pay attention to them, you will see them bubble up a bit before they let go..


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I just hit 2300 miles on my 09 and my tire is starting to look a bit WORN lol just ordered a pilot power ct2 190 55
I have just changed my stocks to the 2CT 55's at 5800 miles and now have 7000 and I really like the grip of the Michelin but it wont last long either.
My bike is also an 09.


I have put pilot power ct2 190 55 on my 05 and now the 08. Great tire for sure. Even used it once for a track day on my 05 and was surprised how well it did on the track and I was not going easy on them :)



If you "nail" the throttle with any regularity, then it will cost you in tires, as it would on any powerful bike.

Sounds like you're enjoyin' the ride! :thumbsup: As they say, ya gotta pay to play! :beerchug:


Ask FISHHOOK about his Michelin pilot drive2 2CT he has good luck with them like 9500 on the front forgot what he said about the back

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