June 19th--EPIC Ride


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Five of us took to the Sierras.....Carson City--- Monitor Pass.....395 South to Sonora Pass....hy 49 to Hy 26 [OH MY goodness] to Hy 88...........320 miles of Outrageous twisty's [most of the time]... Come on [J] post um up.
:rofl: Sheez gang after SEVEN Years of riding my 01 with the BT016's it doesnt get any better than that.....When banked over 45 degree's on full throttle..thinki'n it should just step out and high side it just hooks........
Busa is F'n sick ...... i know i know a 600 or a liter bike can corner faster..But a Bus with a sticky tire can rail..Faster than ANYBODY needs to go on the street....A huge plus is the AWSOME torque of the BIGBORE engines, Truly an Epic ride for us today.







Re-Recycled, Busa-Less...
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Damn! Nice Picks and good to see you here Pace... :thumbsup:


Abiit, excessit, evasit
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wow....sure could go for some more pics of that ride. Encore!


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OK, OK Ralph! ...........I'm postin' what I have from one of the best rides this ole boy has been on lately! Whew.............the Silver Bullet had her hands full trying to keep pace with you and the Blue Goose on portions of hwy 4 and 26! My rear tire is toast, new BT016 going on Monday! I've ridden all over the Sierras over the years but you were right! That route 26 is one of the best of the best! WOW! I'm still stoked! What a rush! great roads, great weather and even greater company.

100_3173 (Large).jpg

100_3177 (Large).jpg

100_3178 (Large).jpg

100_3179 (Large).jpg

100_3180 (Large).jpg

100_3181 (Large).jpg

100_3198 (Large).jpg

100_3201 (Large).jpg


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On a run up the canyon i was at my limit.... wringing it's neck, heart in my throat..
thinki'n it's gonna lose traction any second... stop at the turnoff... And Holy Moly theres Jimbo not but a few seconds behind.... For the young age the man ROCKS :bowdown:
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