Jumping off (starting) the Busa


The other day I rode the bike to work, & forgot to turn off my accent lights when I got there. 12 hours later, the battery was completely drained. I was able to get a boost from a coworker. After about 15 min of charging, the bike fired up. While it was charging, another guy mentioned, starting the bike by "popping the clutch". My question is, have any of you started a big bike (busa), this way? Is it safe to do?
You named two methods. If the battery was drained I seriously doubt popping the clutch would work. The bike is fuel injected electronically blah, blah, blah and you would need a battery to accomplish that. I've jumped the '06 and '08 off with a car and had no issues .
If no ther choice,you could try. A big hill would be optimal,or a big strong dude pushing you. Key on,have it in second or third (spins the motor over more times) get rolling as fast as you can and..."Pop the clutch."

Chances are thou,this will be like a dishwasher with OCD. Rinse and repeat,rinse and repeat,rinse and....

From past expiriences, yes you can as long as you have some battery left, if it is dead, it wont work or it wouldnt for me. As a safety note, never jump your bike from a car that is running. You can use a car to jump it, but just connect the batteries.
Ok, Thanks guys. I didn't know that the battery would have to have a least a little juice for it to work. As far as getting a boost from a vehicle that is running, I didn't know NOT to do that either. We jumped it the other day, with my battery still connected, with the jumper cables attached to each battery, with the other guy's vehicle running. Even revved the engine, on his small truck to expedite the process. Not good I guess. Thanks
IMO opinion its safer to pop start it then to jump it off.
I have heard a spike in voltage could fry the ECU or hooking the cables up backwards.
If the car is running when you jump start it, your bikes electronics could be damaged. If the car battery by itself isn't enough to jump start your bike, you've got other issues like a bad battery on the bike.

I've bump started (popped the clutch) on the busa a few times when it stalled because I had just started it cold and started driving it. While the bike was still rolling, I just popped the clutch and it started right back up. Battery was in excellent condition though.
I don't think it is the size of the bike that would make it very difficult to push start, it is all the electronics. There needs to be enough juice to power the ECU, Fuel Pump, lights and injectors. I don't believe that the stator could develop that much power during a push start regardless of how long the hill is.

If there is sufficient power remaining in the battery to run the electronics but not turn the starter, you could probably push start it given enough momentum (be ready to steady the bike if it stops suddenly due to compression breaking effect when you pop the clutch).

The reason that SoCal has been able to bump start his bike in the situations he explained was becuase the battery was charged, electronics were powered and the fuel rail was pressurized.

A carburated bike is much easier to push start than a EFI bike.

If at all possible only use a "jump box" to start a vehicle.

Last Thursday I left my lights on and had to "pop start" my Busa in second gear with no problems.