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On my last ride, I had started from a stop and went through 1st under near full throttle, shifted to second and got back into it hard. It pulled for about a second I guess, and jumped back outta second into neutral. I left off, slowed down, got it back in gear and it didn't happen again.

I thought I had read about someone else havin' their busa jump outta gear but I can't find the thread. Heck, it's been prolly a month since I saw it. Is this something I need to have the dealer look at? Or, is it possible that I just didn't get it in gear all the way and it just spit it back out?

Any comments?
That is all it was. You just didn't get it all the way in gear. Mine does the samething every now and then. It also happens when going from 5th to 6th gear. Just make sure you lift all the way up on the shifter.
try to shorten your shifter throw. it is a matter of geting in gear all the way the first time in most cases.
Mine used to do it all the time......I moved my shifter lever towards the ground a bit and it hasn't done it since.
Hey Chris...my husband said my busa jumped out of gear a couple of times on him when we rode it from NC; same as you in second gear then popped in to neutral.

I haven't had it happen to me yet, but he said it was just a case of not getting it in gear all the way...I don't think you have anything to worry about...

Reverse the shifter. I find it much better pressing down to upshift. Besides, when I lowered the lever, I ended up breaking the shift peg off when cornering at extreme angles. Plus, you'll be able to upshift coming out of a curve without tearing your foot off. :laugh:

It will take several weeks to get used to, which is probably the only downside to reversing the lever.
Thanks for the replies. I just got back from a good afternoon of ridin' and it hasn't happened again. Of course since the "incident", I have made dang sure that I put it solidly into gear. I changed my foot position a little to get more positive leverage.

When I shifted at 11k the other evening and it pulled for a second and kicked outta gear at full throttle it felt like a car does when the driveshaft breaks or a U-joint blows. The nose was up (not a wheelie, just extremely hard weight transfer) and suddenly the RPM's jumped and it felt like the front fender was gonna hit the fairing it fell so fast. I just knew something was broken. I swear I could have puked in my helmet. :eek:

The fact that it done fine today during some *VERY* spirited riding, and the fact that ya'll have seen the same thing without problems makes me feel MUCH better!

Are you serious? Since I have never messed with shifter linkages on a bike I didn't even know that was possible. Sounds like it'd be interesting to try, though. If, that is, you ain't yankin' my chain! :laugh:
Cool. I'm sure it'll prolly be self explainatory when I get time to look at it. Anything special I need to know or any special tools outside wrenches/sockets/ratchets needed? I really think I might like reverse shifting better.
Cool. I'm sure it'll prolly be self explainatory when I get time to look at it. Anything special I need to know or any special tools outside wrenches/sockets/ratchets needed? I really think I might like reverse shifting better.
just be real carefull BT....after having my brain programed to normal shifting a bike for a couple decades , the ol' GP method can thro ya for a loop , and a crash sometimes . Imagine being hard on the juice thru a long sweeper and going for the taller gear and actually downshifting instead . BADNEWS FOR THE BEARS . Yer at a light,you wanna teach the punk beside ya in the 5.0 ltr 'stang , a little lesson in humility....you wind , you bang , you bang again...OOPS...

I know , I know , yer a cop....and cops dont race or speed or wheelie....
just becarefull with this little mod, thats all I'm sayin' .

If you've bin goin' faster with the top of yer foot,as oppossed to the bottom , fer yrs an yrs like I have, give this one some thought....ok . You doughnut eatin' bastid

kiddin' , you know I love ya.....RSD.
Yeah, you love me like the brother you never wanted, huh? :laugh:

It'd definitely take some gettin' used to... but I think I could spank a 5.0 just usin' 1st gear. Not that I'd street race, or anything, I'm just sayin'... ;) :laugh:
happened to me twice on the dragstrip. lowered my shift lever, not happened since.

bad thing is, if you keep doing it, you will round off the teeth on the gears. that could be trouble... but don't think you are that hard on it.

adjust your shift lever - the bar from the footpeg to the shift shaft... on each end is a 10mm nut... loosen them, twist the rod slightly until the shift lever is lower.. tighten the nuts. the nut on the footpeg side is reverse thread. easy, just pay attn to what your doin. :D
I think I'll try lowering the lever before I try reverse shifting. Thanks Cache, higg, and everyone else that dropped this tip...  :beerchug: