:jump: best ways to clean ya bike??


hiya guys/and gals

on my cbr600,the jet wash played a big part in cleaning my bike.
but surely there is a much easyier way to make ya bike look sweet.

my busa is looking ok for the time being,but i wanna try and keep on top of it,coz i noticed if ya let um go,they are very hard to get back up.
i normily spend about 3-4 hrs on my bikes,but i gotta admit the busa is alot different.so many parts on it,somtimes it just baffles my brain.(i dunno where to start).
the wheels have been bufferd up nice and shiney,and all is ok so far,but if any of you,have any tips you can let me in on,i would be very greatfull
got bought a can of Plexus. i read the directions and all it said basically was just spray and wipe off.
I usually start with 220 grit, spray some 'cleaners' and work my way up from there.
After I wash my bike, I usually use some Meguiars spray-on wax and lightly buff the plastic and tank. Man, that stuff really gives a high gloss.

My partner that paints cars for a living introduced me to some stuff called Klasse. It is sold primarily at Auto Body shops and Paint shops. It's about 20 bucks for two pints and works wonders on spider web scratches and small imperfections.

Other than that I use soap and water when it's really dirty, or Honda polish, with Zymol wax and detailer.
S100, only way to go! I also use Nu-Finish (once a year car polish). For reviews on some of the products available check here. Cleaner review

I did hear about one other manufacture. Proclean1000 Suppose to be the cats meow! Can't comment as I haven't tried it yet.
Buy some S100 the greatest.  cleans waxs protects. designed for motorcycles
Got a question on the S100.
Is it for extreme filth, Like dried bug guts and so forth?
I started with it the other day and I was a fraid it was a bit extreme, esp. with what it does to the hands. I did use it on the front of the car and the Aluminum wheels on the vehicles I have and it did well.
I also use the Mequires spray wax, it does a good job and fast.

Kevin in Va.
I use Vanilla scented Pledge. You can use lemon also but I tired of it.

I know noone believes me but I get comments all the time about how good it looks.
I use Suzuki bike wash on the greasy parts and Protect-All on the bodywork.
When i wash it i usually regualr car was with a carnuba wax in it. Then I use a good wax on it. However i don't wash it that frequently, typically I spray it down with Honda Pro Cleaner and Wax... and it really cleans it and gives it a showroom finish. I typically follow that process once a week or so.