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Ok, in an effort to curb my emails etc, I will say it out loud.. yes I have left the board for at least a couple months in the hopes that things change a bit.. No drama just tired of some of the attitudes is all.. if you want more reason then read on, otherwise, you know I dropped off the board.. (save your applause for later)

The .oRg was at one time more of a gathering of people that were friends sharing thoughts and ideas.. Seems it has turned into a adversarial forum of politically correct zoomers that are looking (much like the media) any chance to cry racism* or jump on some perceived bandwagon of wrong doing**.. further yet threads of unknown use***

Lurch (Firedog) did provide me an airline ticket so I could see my dad the week he died and will be forever grateful to him for that.. I have tried to make up some of that to him as he would allow but he is pretty stubborn and so only limited success.. I had only ended up in a short term financial bum because of another member here. Unexpected expense that left me short on cash..

I looked through post after post looking for any request of help and frankly I could find none.. I have never asked for a thing here. I am pretty sure I have however contributed to just about every single need presented however. Some for $100 others for as little as $20 just depending on my current status.. I never post my “unique transactionâ€￾ number as it always seemed a bit over the top to me.. The guy that got the money knows he got it and that has always been plenty good for me. I was a bit surprised that not a one came to my defense when I was accused of “scamming for bucksâ€￾

Many have noticed that many of the best members have quit posting around here over the last year or so. Most of the guys I like riding with the most have just dropped into a “lurkingâ€￾ mode to avoid the crap I guess. I get 6 months of riding and rack up about 2200 miles a month.. Looking at a few of the people I am having issues with do not even ride or ride so little that this is their primary outlet for “bikingâ€￾ J

This is a great resource and hopefully a few of the members that think it is a battlefield will tire and just leave.. I would think some of the more valued guys would come back at that point.. Anyway, I am withdrawing from the board for a few months at least and my critics can take up on helping out with that they know how to do..





Thats it! I'm leaving this board too, to many people are leaving and I don't want to be left out. I shall lurk also until everyone returns and gets along.



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uhhh ok... my advice...that has left me somewhat in the dark as the "great guy to talk to and gets loads and loads of pm's" (wich i dont lol) just remember unless you live beside extreemly close to anyone..just like i do with redkat05. his opinion of me matters and i would do anything to maintain his good opinion of me due to i wouldnt want it to get back to the org and ruin what little reputation i do have here as a good guy. otherwise... when you see threads that you find out of your tastes...just dont post on them and shure as heck dont take it personal...we all have good and bad days... neither truely define who we are unless you take them both as a whole. in short ... stay talk and post with those you get along with...ignore posts of those you dont agree with.. be happy:cheerleader:


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100% 9 post, mainly defending you bud. I saw it in humor, but I probably didn't have the whole picture. Of course it's always different when you're the target. It was a cute thread with the bogus exception.

12 million, what did you expect :laugh:

Ethics, it just looks like a personal issue that should be straightened out between you and Dino.

A lot of truth in what you wrote about the membership. I miss lots of my old friends and the ones I have had contact with state the same reason.

I would merely suggest if you have relevant input to a thread or post then post it. If you have nothing but a personal attack 1) keep it to yourself, in other words lets be civil. 2) put it in a PM to the attacked and no one else.

Everyone involved in the issue is considered a friend, so I want be taking any sides but merely looking at things one issue at a time.


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i have an idea make me a moderator and see how fast i clean stuff up around here. i have nothing but time.


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IMO, that was the most innapropriate, slanderous post I have seen on any board I have been on. I for one think it should be removed.
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man...I go on family vacation for a week and come back to this.....sheesh.:poke:

Looks like I need to search out what I missed, but I agree with you for the most part. Winters seemed to be where the bickering stayed, but it seemed to pour into Summers now also.

I have started trying to stay out of the negative post and read the funny ones or educational ones.....unless I have had a few drinks then I may jump into the negative zone a little.

We'll leave a light on for ya.:beerchug:


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You would think that after Cap shut down the board over the weekend @ the 09 MNG that everybody would figure thing's out without it possibly happening to " All of Us " again. To much BS will put an end to this place we call Home if we are not careful.:whistle:


You would think that after Cap shut down the board over the weekend @ the 09 MNG that everybody would figure thing's out without it possibly happening to " All of Us " again. To much BS will put an end to this place we call Home if we are not careful.:whistle:
speaking of the "weekend the org went dark"....I would love to get everyones email addy in a PM so I can contact if this happens again....


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What do we expect when you get a whole pack of "Alpha Dogs" in one pen?


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Aaaand here we go again.....this keeps up Im pre-bashin in the fall.....without the Org...

Guess Im gonna go lurk again....too many snipers around here..???


Randy, I find the interactions we have had to be informative and stimulating.
I try and stay out of the politics and didn't know all of that was going on.
You will be missed and there will be a void, that will be hard to fill will the technical, and experience posts you have made.
I myself have withdrawn from all of the political or religious threads on this board.
I don't read them and will not post in them.
This is a 100% biking board for me and if it isn’t about bikes, I’m not there.
If you decide to return, I may suggest that to you.
It took away almost all of the conflict and apprehension I was feeling.
I found the guys that are the most aggressive in the political and religious threads, do not post in the technical or more “bike friendly” threads.
I don’t know but I don’t think they have it there, and try and make up for it by sounding off in other areas.
Newcomers to this board come here to read and talk about Busas and not hear everyone’s opinions about all that other stuff.
There are lots of other boards out there for that stuff.
For me I took the thread about you by Cap as a joke.
If it wasn't or it offended you, then it was inappropriate.

Take care brother, and like my dad always told me “don’t let the ba$tards get you down”


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Well my friend, I understand what you are saying. I usually hold my thoughts in the more controversial threads, because I really do not care to get into an argument. Debates are great, but the rest is well, you know.
I remember the weekend you went to see your father, Cap posted up a thread needing money for a member, nothing was said about who it was or what it was needed it for. It was later I found out you were one of the first people to donate. And it was YOU that needed help the most. I find myself wanting to help everyone, it is who I am I guess. I see my brothers and sisters in need and help where I can. I would give you the shirt off my back anytime you needed it. And I appreciate everything you have done for me over the years, more than you know. I have your number, you have mine. I guess that is all I need to say for now. We can continue to lurk and help those that need it, but also know I think about my friends daily and wonder how they are doing. I will say this in defense of Randy, I challenge anyone who says he tried to scam any money from anyone and will stake my reputation on that.

I guess thats my two cents, have a great day guys.


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I personally always found your posts helpful when you try and help somebody with problems so I will miss that.

I understand why you are leaving though and don't blame you one bit. I expect major changes to the .org before the year is out. Just my guess though.


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randy you can ride with me know my number and email addy, you know I appreciate all you have done for me, and always will be honored as a true friend to me:bowdown: in a perfect world we could get rid of the wieners and bs...maybe we need an age limit so more mature people would be on here only...:laugh:

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