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So, cruizing up north today with a couple buddies, clicking right along, not seeing any LEO's....then all of a sudden, bam, right behind the trail guy is Johnny Long-arm lights on. I look at my buddy, and notice him shaking his head...another LEO was blocking off the highway not far ahead of us. Found out that in Arizona, 20 over is criminal speeding, as well, 85mph or more ANYWHERE (inlcuding I-10 which is a 75mph zone) is criminal speeding. So, cuffs on, helmet too, and after hour or so of chatting amoungst themselves, two of were following Johnny down to an ATM to withdraw $588 each for bail. The trail guy was taken in by LEO since he couldn't post. Court says, no contest/guilty plea all we have to do is call in and enter plea, the fine = bail amount so it'll be over with (well, add pts to the drivers record, which I have 0 currently). Enter guilty and do the court, with fines and fee's etc. They didnt write us for reckless, or anything else, just the "criminal speeding". I always thought it was mandatory to mirandize someone your cuffing for arrest? Oh well. I am just praying Uncle Sam dont get it on the blotter. The jurisdiction says they dont call Uncle Sam, and since we paid immediately (catch n release) it wont be on the FBI Entry. Still haven't found a way to tell my wife...not sure I want to. It was my savings money for me and another $100 for my buddy. What a day....and no we didn't finish the planned ride, instead we dropped a lil over a Grand and decided to get a coffee, have a smoke and putt home... Damn it I need to grow up/get more self control...


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I always thought it was mandatory to mirandize someone your cuffing for arrest?[/Quote]

Only if they ask you something that would incriminate you... Apparently they had all the evidence they needed....



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I need to learn from you, bro. This kind of thing scares the hell outta me. When I'm sitting at my desk, that is. Out on the road, car or bike, it's hard to remember.



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Money Making Scheme's at their best... Pretty Sad. Hell I'd a lot rather just pay upfront.


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How fast were you going and what was the speed limit?

Sounds like AZ has fallen into the hands of the communist?

I think I would hunt myself up a really good traffic attorney?


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Sh#t that's harsh, in the UK you are in deep dodo if you are over the Ton (100mph). Here in Germany no speed limit on parts of the Autobann.

What's all this "FBI Entry" about thought the US was the land of the free


damn dude that sucks. sounds like you got an ahole leo. no since in giving someone a $600 ticket for that. he could've given you a 15mph over ticket, maybe $200 and gotten the point across. one time i unknowingly had a trooper chase me thru 3 towns, over 30 miles. bike didnt have mirrors. i was doing 150 the whole way. when i finally slowed down to make my turn off the highway, i looked behind me to make sure no one was going to run over me even tho i had on my blinker for the turn, and there he is 10 ft off my a&&. scared the hell outta me. big black muscular leo with a huge scar down the side of his neck. looked like he couldve flattened me into a pancake. i just knew i was going to jail. i didnt even have an endorsement at the time. said he had been chasing me for 30 miles and could barely keep me in sight. finally clocked me at 115 in a 65 after he got close enough when i was slowing for my upcoming turn. i told him i never knew he was back there and he said he never saw me look back is why he didnt call for backup. i personally think he just got a kick outta of getting the chance to top his is car out for so long. long story short, he gave me a 115 in 65 ticket and one for no endorsement when he couldve easily gotten me for reckless and arrested me for evading.


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(Wag @ Oct. 02 2006,00:12)
Exactly. I try to plan my speed bursts by looking far ahead to make sure no cops could be anywhere. If I see a car (especially white) anywhere in the distance, I slow down to about 10 over the limit. hehe!

But I'm sure one day my busa is going to get me into some trouble. I have no self control when riding her!


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yep that sucks. been there. 4 miles to catch me a leo was blocking the exp-way
thanks for the information about arizona tickets. i am moveing thers.
i call it a pay to play tax


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What's all this "FBI Entry" about thought the US was the land of the free [/Quote]
It can do anything you want,you're just gonna have to pay for it in the end!

And to think Saturday I was ripping down RT. 95 doing an indicated speed of 175!!


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one of the things i fear most . it is so hard not not open it up a bit sometimes. what happened to you makes me glad i live here , we do not see the state troppers around alot here.


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Man you are lucky that they were cash hungry.

That could have been worse.

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So you paid $588 each?
Dayuuuuum, think of all the Busa stuff you could have bought with $588......

Sorry about your bad luck!

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Ouch.... I hate it for you....Ihave a feeling that I'll end up in that same boat one day....That'll definitely kill the riding buzz ...Jay

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