Johhnycheese is Number 1!

JohnnyCheeseCake is pretty COo.oOL if you ask me. I don't know you, so I have to side with him on this one... For now. Anyway, give a fella a chance to grow on ya. When he first joined, I called him an ass too. But, he has DEFINITELY grown on me (like fungi).

Kick-back, roll-up a ganji giant, and toke away dude... Peace pipe your way into a better world!

Oh, and take a long look in the mirror... 'Cause when YOU think someone is an ass, it usual starts @ home bro!
well if you read some of my first posts you'll find out what i 'm talking about. I was trying to get some info on my bike and cheese head decides to step up with the crappy attitude right away
You must have said something that rubbed him wrong.

He's a straight up guy. I have never had any problems with him at all. Always takes my calls (even if he has a full fork of teriyaki in his mouth) and never complains when I call him an azzhole!

Just be prepared to be called on back!  :drink:
UH, Yeah...JohnyC is to my knowledge just about the only pro wrench we have on the board...
He may be curt, he may be short with the responses. But for good or evil he just doesn't feel the need to edit himself or candy coat anything... It may be a bitter pill sometimes but then again he has proven to be an excellent BS detector. Play your hand straight up and you will generally get what you need, still may not be want you want, but it will usually be what you need. :D

He's a valuable board member...slow down a bit, he'll grow on you just like the Oracle said...
Like the Rev said, he don't candy coat anything.
You get straight, honest answers. Not much chit chat.

He WILL go out of his way to help each and every one of us too!

He's still an azzhole.
that your bike. very nice. I don't have a scanner to post my pics but its nice looking if I ever get it back from the shop. Been there going on a month
That is just the way it is. you will get answers to your needs, but you may not always like the answers. Keep on asking, listen and learn.. :devil:
Oh by the way, he may be short, he may be tongue & shiek at times, but he is honest and has always been factual. Azzhole is a little much.:(
If yer lookin' for polite chit-chat about mechanicals you'd better ask someone else. If you want straight to the point, no-nonsense accurate answers ask Johnnycheese. Yer choice...
Oh bye-the-bye we have many many more characters on this site. Some you will like some you will be annoyed with, and some you will not like at all, but will like the place over all.:D :D
Sort of what a community is.