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It's been awhile folks and a recent acquisition of mine reminded me of my beloved Hayabusa (aka: "Oren Ishi") so I logged on to check in then wound up replying to a post in the Busa Problems forum where some kind soul took notice of my unexpected reappearance and in an effort to not hijack or derail that thread?...figured a reintroduction/explanation/update was in order and this?...is that and long story short?...

I owned my '03 Busa and attended rally's and posted here for 8 years and due to health issues felt that hyper-bikes was no longer a great idea for me which is when I sold my beloved busa and climbed on a Kawasaki Vulcan 1500 classic (my first ever V-twin/Metric Cruiser) and?...fought back the tears as I rode it home because it didn't want to go anymore than it didn't want to stop as I began tom view it as my idea of a nursing home on wheels! LOL!...but hey...at least I was on two wheels and could get a few slight leans in? :(

Anyway...after 4 years of ^^That^^?...I grew so bored with the bike that I could hardly muster up the desire to ride it enough to keep the battery charged and when 10,000 miles rolled by and the new set of Avon Cobra tires I put on were due for replacement?...I couldn't bring myself to waste the money or the rubber putting on a new set and sold the bike...a year ago...and for the first time since my first two daughters were born?...I went bike-less for the past year. :(

Until last week...when despite my families worst fears?...somewhere between my new year pharmaceutical deductions and working overtime?...I managed to scrape together enough cash to buy an extremely used bike with not a whole lot of miles on the cheap because I just couldn't take life without a bike anymore and found a 1988 CB1000F Honda Hurricane listed for $1,800 on FB Marketplace and met the owner and bought it last week and haven't stopped smiling since but did stop driving my truck too work! LOL!

It's only got 27,800 miles on the odo but has a cam chain rattle from hades that would send a lesser man diving for the kill switch at cold start up but once it's warmed up and under load?...she runs like a sewing machine...with well synched carb's of course ;)

According to the specs?...compared too my busa she's only got 113rwhp but she rolls on real smooth and competent like enough to remind me of my busa...especially when my last bike was a metric cruiser! LOL!

bottom line?...if I can't remedy the cam chain rattle by addressing the CCT?...there may soon come a day that I'm back in the market for a bike I know well...as once again?...I may be in the market for a sweet used busa but until then?...I'll do my best to love and be thankful for what I have....which is also my first sport-bike ever that qualified for a...(wait for it)...


but at 60 years old?...we match!...creaks, rattles and all! LOL!

Wish me luck and thanks for reading...Jinkster ;)






Really nice looking bike! I remember selling my first Busa and getting on a vtx 1800. The bike had some grunt but no matter what I did to it or put on it, it just wasn't going to be as good as my Busa! I'm not talking about trying to make it as fast as the Busa. I'm just saying that I was never going to be as happy on it no matter what I put on it.
BTW, Welcome back Jinkster!


I Love my Wife!
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Well thank you all so much for the kind words and warm welcome back folks and especially you Mr. Brown as that Vid cracked me up! LOL! Thanks Man! LOL!

After getting diagnosed with Type II diabetes 8 years ago and then getting tagged with a stroke 4 years ago (where it took me 3 days to relearn how to limp again and had to think through every step) I feel blessed that I was able to relearn how to shoot my bow and?...regained enough balance to get back on the Vulcan and ride...(though my friends and family thought me nuts for doing so) and I felt all mature, responsible and grown up like when I committed to selling the Vulcan but after going bike-less for a year?...if I learned anything at all through this I learned that there's a lot of truth in the old cliché...

"You don't quit riding because you got old...YOU GET OLD...cause you quit riding!"

and now?...I feel blessed that I have a bike to ride again and hopefully?...I'll get a nice big fat tax return this year and get to upgrade too the bike I know and love...The Mighty Hayabusa! ;)
Great to hear from you Jinkster. I've never posted much but you and I go all the way back to FZ1 days. I'm glad you're back on two wheels. I have 3 bikes now and for the first time in 40 years own a Honda as well...a 2006 ST1300. Yes, we keep getting older, but riding slows it way down lol.
Hi Jinkster. I am kind of new here about 2 yrs. At 68 I bought a 1999 busa. For a while now I am building it into a LSR bike we are never to old to have fun. Welcome back!


Hi Jinkster. I am kind of new here about 2 yrs. At 68 I bought a 1999 busa. For a while now I am building it into a LSR bike we are never to old to have fun. Welcome back!
You are 68??:shocked:
that is so awesome..Iam half your age and one of my goals is to be able to ride until iam AT LEAST your age! Im sure you are the coolest grandpa around:-)!!

Sorry jinkster for spamming your thread!


Hi there mate , great that you have made the comeback to the org and two wheels . The bike looks to be very tidy , and comfortable , hope you get a lot of pleasurable miles on her !! Will be on the lookout for your future posts , and now we are introduced , very glad to meet you JINKSTER .


I know this is obvious BUT I have to say Jinkster you are a good guy and helpful friend to the oRg, you don't NEED a bike to visit your friends here!!!
Good to hear from you and nice CBR there, I had a red/white one and it was a solid precise handler, I hope you enjoy it for a long time to come. :thumbsup:


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Definitely good to see you around sir, your "How To" threads still live on and are being used every day!

Hope things are well with you and the family is good.

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