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Jay Willie

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WOW!! Thanks to everyone for the well wishes and "Miss You's"! It's always very encouraging to have the moral support after such a silly 'off'.

Lot's have asked about physical stuff and here's the official:

Multiple right rib cage fractures with posterior fractures of the upper three ribs and comminuted posterior and lateral fractures of several others. Right and left lung contusions with partial right lung collapse. Abrasions, bruising, etc., etc. All I know is I'm restricted to nothng heavier than a gallon of (you may insert your favorite but the doc said...) milk for the next 30 days and then two more months of light duty.

Bike condition:

From what we can tell, it looks like we all went air borne into a curve indicator sign. I took the top of the sign in the face (thank the good LORD for full face helmets) and the bike nose-dived into the post holding the sign up and hit between the headlight and instrument panel (no damage to the forks, fender, etc), it literally looks like a bomb went off in the area of the instrument cluster! We both landed on our right side...in a ditch lined with what looks like boulders or dam rip rap or what ever. It wasn't soft, I can tell you that!

Laid in the ditch for four hours until family could come to transport to North Arkansas Regional Medical Center. Two days there and then home for recovery. My son has been tearing down the bike and it looks like major components survived, well, for the most part. Didn't have full coverage (yeah, yeah, I know but there was method behind my madness, it just didn't pan out. I wasn't planning on an off!) and if your interested, I'm going to try and post up a list in the classifieds, at least that's where I'll start.

As far as the where, whens, and whys, well...could I just say that when you're a type A with limited experience....

Anyway, I just pushed a little past the limits of my experience/ability (and probably the bike's with the extended swingarm) and, needless to say, that is how I found the edge. Probably not too smart on my part (I know, I know to all who followed up on my Eureka Springs post with,"You'll be replacing that extended swing arm with the stock one before too long!!") but I must confess I'm more of a 'live and learn' kind a guy....I guess for the most part at least I'm still living.

Again, a big thank you to all for your expressions of concern!! I really, really do appreciate it! In the mean time, everyone be safe and where yer freakin' gear!

Have a Good 'un!! :beerchug:


No training wheels?
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Glad you are on the mend and it sounds like the bike is too. A gallon of Jack might help with any pain issues you may have!!! :laugh:


Comin' back stronger than ever!
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Follow the doctor's therapy plan, so you'll be in good shape when you ride again!


Purple Rain - Dino
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good to hear from ya earlier bud...

im glad my Dr. didnt put me on a 10lb restriction, i could never take a p!ss otherwise...:poke:

take it EZ and recover fully man:beerchug:


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I was not aware of this. Best wishes for a full and speedy recovery!


Foghoon Leghoon
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Wow! A true testament for wearing a helmet!
Glad you are Okay and here is to a speedy recovery:beerchug:
Hope you are back on two soon.


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Glad you are getting better , Take your time & follow doctors orders. It's a live & learn process .:thumbsup:


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glad you are on the road to recovery...take care of yourself and listen to the doc so you will be ready to go again soon :beerchug:


Hunting Kawasakis
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I think Jack has a lower specific gravity so you can lift over a gallon of it. Provided it is not in a glass jug, then it is a wash.

Truly keep under that 8 pound limit it will suck if you don't (Doc will get more knife time.)


Seasoned Beef
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Hope you didn't laugh as hard as I did when you read noddles comment; anyway hope the healing goes well; broken ribs are rough. Usually around 90 days.

Jay Willie

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You guys are a hoot!!! Thanks for all your good comments, they definitely help to 'lift the spirits'!! :beerchug: Boaz, yer a riot, Dude! Fortunately I have 'other hands' to help! :laugh: I've also heard that black label does, in fact, have a lower specific gravity than green, which I prefer anyways. I've also been known to visit a cute little Hispanic princess and her cohort Jose, good people...especially mixed with...uh, well, never mind. jk, jk, jk!!! :thumbsup:

Anyways, thanks all for pouring into this life an expression of the life we've all been given. :thumbsup: I believe this to be the wiser ways of increase according to the plans that were laid many, many moons ago. I hope you receive a hundred fold in return, again, according to the laws of His investment! :bowdown: Everyone take care!

:cheerleader:(Killer response to parts request...THANK YOU, THANK YOU, THANK YOU!!!!) :cheerleader:

Much of His Love to ALL!!!! :beerchug:


181.552 mph Texas mile on a B-King 3/28/09, AKA "C
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Jay glad to hear things are better, hoping for a full and quick recovery.

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