Jardine RT One slip-ons: good or not?


Are Jardine RT One slip-ons worth something? I need quiet ones and how is noise level with regular baffle, particularly compared to Yoshimura's Zyclone? Are their carbon fiber of good quality? Thanks for any info!
Jardine has been around for a while. They seem to make a good product for the money. There are better looking/quality pieces available, but the performance difference is so minuet that its negligible. If your only looking to be heard this is probably not a bad choice. It won't break the bank and can be easily replaced when your ready for performance gains. Packing material in most aftermarket units can be added or removed to increase/decrease the units total decibal output. Though you have to be carefull not to overdue it either way.
Thnaks ks, I appreciate. Do you know how they compare on noise level with Yoshimura Zyclone which are very quiet? The Jardine I'm looking for have street baffle, not race. Thanks again!
Thanks anyway ks. I chatted with Jardine today and got the replies I was looking for. Thanks again!