Jack Nicklaus' Grandson Survives Crash


VIDEO: Jack Nicklaus' Grandson Nick O'Leary Survives Scary Motorcycle Crash - YouTube[/url]
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The car was dragging its feet but the bike was going to fast or not looking. he should have been able to stop under normal riding (from what i can tell)
Wow, I nearly had one of those today. Started to turn left in front of me and all I could do is say ****. For some reason they slammed on the brakes, front drivers corner across the line, wheels turned, and car coming up behind them. Lucky man. It was in a corner. If they had turned there's no way I would have missed them. If the car behind them had hit them , same out come. My angels were riding hard today.

I wonder if he missed the bus ? Glad he survived, hope he has a full recovery.
the motorcyclist (grandson of whoever) was approaching a school bus at 80 mph looks like and with a car near it. I guess he thought he could just squeeze by and nothing else could possibly move but him???? Oh what- no kid could possible be running across the road either huh?

I'm not saying the driver of the car was right either but us bikers know to anticipate the fact that everyone behind the wheel of a car is a bad driver! We've all heard "ride like you're invisible" and "ride like all cars are out to get me".

This video is a classic example of a lackadaisical and haphazard way of riding a motorbike and in town especially.
Only go fast when you don't have these types of obstacles in front of you. Too Fast is anything that your braking distance and reaction time can't compensate for, in the even that someone doesn't do what they're supposed to!

Oh and yeah probably a woman driver or senior citizen with thick glasses. Both have no interest in motorcycles so why should they be looking for them?
Star Metro Bus. Don't know if it was a school bus, but everything you said was correct.
The lady in the Lexus was paying attention to the bus first, (as she should be because of possible pedestrians).

Kid on the bike is short on skill in a panic situation.
I dont think that there is a "pay attention to anything first" in this situation. You watch all of your surroundings, looking and listening to everything there is going on around you. Just about positive that the vehicle wasnt a school bus. Never seen them with the bike racks on the front. Just my 2 Cents though. Glad that he is ok.