I've been missing out

Just wanted to say thanks to everybody for making me feel welcome. What a great group of people. I wish I had been coming to these events before, if you haven't been to one of these you really are missing out. I cant wait for the next one.:thumbsup:

Semi ,let me know when your down this way and we'll hook up.


Lily's Daddy
everyone needs to come to northern indiana, roads all suck real bad so it makes for alot more drinking time at the resteraunts....:laugh:


Donating Member
i guess we can :welcome: you to the board even though you have been a member longer than most of us (myself included)...i really am glad you guys decided to come down and join us :beerchug: it was great meeting you and i can't wait for the next time (sounds like you will be back :thumbsup: )...i will definitely let you know next time i am bumming around in Springfield, we will have to get Red05 and the other locals out and have a mini-MnG :beerchug:

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