I've been helping Lynne.


Just got a new 12x10 shed to put the bikes in had a 10x8 metal one before but it had gone home so we brought this one
Couldn't afford a Proper brick garage.

Just got to strengthen the floor.
It's alright but our front garden is a bit uneven.

I haven't got a back garden, just a small front garden.

Lynne actually let (made) me do something, take down the old metal shed.
Easy really just a lot of unscrewing.
Although I had a bit of a mishap when my shorts fell down when I was up a step ladder, in front of everyone who was walking past my bungalow, there was a car boot sale on down the road.

Good thing was the guys put the shed up for nothing, only took them about an hour.

We had double gates so Lynne said put them in front of the shed for extra security.
Had to get a fence post out, and dig two new holes for two more fence posts, and put another bit of fence in, then the gates up.
And another bit of fence between us an the neighbors, and would you believe it lifting the fence panel up and my shorts fell down again this time in the street.:laugh:

Just put another front gate up today.

Just one more little bit of fence so it's all even.

And wood treat it all so it's all the same colour.

The amount of times I had to explain to people why Lynne was digging holes, and hammering and I was just standing there watching her.

Had to tell them because "She don't trust me to do anything", although she let me unscrew the shed as I said.

Lynne did hit her thumb with the hammer, and she said "I've had four kids and I would rather have another one than hit my thumb again, it hurt so much".
Poor girl it made her cry, and she came over all faint.
I finished the last bit of hammering, I was very careful.

I did get a splinter though.:laugh:

Here are a few pics.

One before the others after.

Good job and no unauthorized use of super glue!! Yay!! :thumbsup:

Tell Lynne I'm sorry about her thumb...I did that when I was 5 and had to eventually go to the doc and have a hole drilled in the nail to relieve the pressure. I still remember that pain!! OMG, it's awful :(

Lynne says thanks for the sympathy.

You can see all Lynne's stuff in there, tools and more tools.
And a greenhouse ready to be put up.
My GrandPa In Law use to chuckle and say make sure you hit the right nail. God rest his soul. Shed looks great :thumbsup:
Thanks Everyone.

The number plates over here have to be a certain size otherwise they fine you.:banghead: