Its slow around here


Dis in my way!
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Man this place is slow, what gives, no stories to tell or what?

Heck no Capt!

I've been to this board 5X today!

Sorry I've got no current stories, Too busy building an extention on my house to ride.

We are adding 1680 feet to my 1200 foot house!

Look in the mods section. I posted my cool-wazoo-home-made-wether-resistant-connector at the end of my SMT LED Thread.

So, do yo think this should be a new mods thread, or should I just post it in General like everybody else?

Maybe I shold post a thread in general with a link to the mods thread? :laugh:

Have a great evening Captain!

BTW Captain Nemo was my nick-name in high school. My first car 68 Impala ahd CAPT NEMO for a licence plate.

And yes, Gosh I wish I still had that car!
I was in school for the last three weeks (for work) which ment changing my sleeping habits. I had to get up by 5am and was going to bed by 9pm and trying to stay awake in between. Now that I am back on my regular schedule I'll become a little more active.
I've been re-learning how to write html code while trying to help out TheBull350 on his new site. That stuff is like Trig/Geometry...If you don't use it, it definitely goes away.

I've been re-organizing files, and finally found a server to keep them on. Only 5 MB, but it will hold enough to post pics to the board without deleting the older ones. :D

You can check out my new homepage at:

I'll be developing some photo albums, and a links page in the future. Do you have the code and a banner you would like for the link? I'll be glad to put it on the site.

I'm with Big Wall on that one! I'm fitting in every last mile I can before putting the Busa away for the winter... :sad:
No just trying to figure how to go back and edit the new pics in the personal album. :eek:
Been away for a few days.  My son moved into my house.

Still riding though, a little windy today, and had to spank a (believe this) Silverado.  unbuleebable

I was going to say something about being over 2500 posts but I look above this one and see Ninja with over twice as many as that... well it just doesn't seem so great all of a sudden. NOT! Woohoo! 2500! Woohoo!

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Nice Avatar!

We can rebuild it, we can make it better, <span style='font-size:15pt;line-height:100%'>Stronger,</span> <span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'>Faster!</span>