It's official! June 11-14 VA Meet & Greet


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More details to be posted soon!

And yes, you can arrive early if you'd like, stay late, come build the fire pit, whatever you want! :laugh:

Zip code of this event - 23092 (Middlesex County, VA - welcome to the end of the road folks!)

Come see the "not a twisty in sight" land of water and bridges! But, mostly come to see friends, good food, great times and everyone gets a free cat! :whistle:

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re: It's official! June 11-14 VA Meet & Greet

i'm in.......except for the free kitty :spank:
re: It's official! June 11-14 VA Meet & Greet

Subscribing... That's the beginning of my 10 day road trip, if I go East, I may be in...
Ill be down the 9th thru the 16. I have booked a small cottage under 10 miles away!
Lasagna doesn't give you gas, does it Semi? :hide:

hey, semi's have to run on something :argue:1

Riding or driving?

riding...plan is to ride to acehole's and go to VA from there (not sure yet about exactly what date)...also not sure about the return trip, couple possibilities that i'm still mulling are more than welcome :beerchug:

Bots has had some awesome t-shirt ideas :whistle:

great idea :thumbsup:
There is a rumor that some member named DnGrumpy will be making an appearance!
Just Put the bug in another members ear also!
Maybe he might chime in shortly!