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when I was out riddin today I have noticed a very bad problem.

When I get on the gas real hard, she cuts out like a loss of gas or a clogged injector or something. When Im rollin a long and go to get on the gas for a hard take off, its like someone just reached up and turned off the key.

Got any ideas?

also, she seems to be surging when Im stoped at a red light. Ill be sitting at a light and she will just surge up like 1500 rmp and then back to 1100 like Im revin the gas. I havent got a clue.

any help for me guys?
? PLease.

Check your fuel pump and or the fuel filter!

Marc "Howlin Mad"
May sound silly but did you tighten your linkage nuts/cables any around the throttle? I had a 600 once that just did that all the time. Come to find out the linkage nuts were tighten down too far not allowing enuff slack. Everytime I turned the wheel slightly it pulled the cable thus reved the engine. Took me a week to figure that one. Might be worth a look if someone else adjusted your stuff. If not check pinched lines, fuel filter, fuel pump. Warrantee? let them do it.

Hey Josh!!! How are you sweetie??? I had the same problem with my bike and it appears to be a problem with the 99's. My bike would cut off for no reason and have a slow throttle response sometimes... it was VERY frustrating... there is a small filter that they put in the 99's & 00's at the end of the gas line. it's really small and gets clogged after a while. the new bikes don't have it. i removed mine and it stopped the problem. also, do you have a TRE on your bike? eventhough the 99's aren't restricted, i put one on to smooth out the lower RPM's and it was cool for a while. then my bike started surging when i was stopped at a light, up to as much as 2000 rpms. i removed the TRE and the surging stopped. i am thinking about putting it back on again to test it out and see if that was truly the problem.

i hope this helps. holla back if you have any questions about the above info......



Lo - the surging problem with the tre is the resistor... resistance values change with different temperatures. Especially cheap resistors.

Josh - definitely a fuel problem. Lack of fuel causing the cut-off when accelerating. The idle variation when sitting is due to the efi computer trying to make up for the fuel flow.
ok, thanks for the info, next question, WHERE IS THIS LITTLE *&%$ING FILTER, IT HAS TO GO!!! I must kill it with all my might and fix the problem, its drivin me nuts!!!!! I go for a wheelie and she dies?!?! ARGE!!!

Thanx for the help everybody.

Hey cache,

So if i want to put the TRE back on to evenout the low RPM's again, what type TRE would you recommend. I originally got mine through and didn't have any probs with it for almost a year... i do want to replace it because i can tell the diff without it.... i didn't realize there was diff types. it wasn't cheap but there may be a better one...

Josh, i wish i could tell you where the small filter is, my mechanic took it off for me and showed it to me afterwards. it's pretty small, about the size of a quarter and cut into pie wedges. most of my sections were completely clogged. i was at Laguna Seca last year at the Suzuki tent and one of the mech's was the one who told me it could be the filter. call Suzuki and they should be able to tell you how to get to it....
hope that helps honey....

Also, check your fuel lines. What year is your bike? If 99/2000, there is a very good chance the lines are collapsed.

If you plan on riding out this way anytime soon, I could help you check it out. I've only been into my fuel system to do mods and fixes about 18 times.
Hey Josh, did you pull the plugs to have a look? When we were riding in Cali, it looked like you were running rich. Did you ever get it dyno-tuned? Just a thought...
Doc, I never got it dyno tuned, the cheep a$$ in me shines through in the worse places.

Narc, Im always out in the dallas area, just let me know when and where and I would be glad to meet up with you just to shoot the poop and get to meet you. I would hate to think Im just meeting you to use your for your knowhow. Know what I mean.

I am usually always around here (work at home). Just shoot me an email or something.
There are many filters on our bikes. You have the main one in the tank on the pump. Some have an additional in-line filter and the injectors may have a filter screen on each injector. Start at the pump and work your way down to the injectors to find the restriction. Did you get a load of old gas?
I might have got some bad gas but I have run three tanks through it and still the same thing.

I just want to find the inline filter and remove it. I hope that fixes the problem but I have a bad feelin that it wont be.

any one have any idea about how much a full tune up goes for?