It's no record...


I have sat at home..sunny day,gas money,free time...didn't
go anywhere..But this Sunday..Left the house before the sun came up...rode and rode...desert and twisty's all..whatta bike.
All i got was a sore ass.....with about 150 miles to get home i took a couple of pain relievers..and jammed..turbo diesel ford showin' the way till i said later.....he was flying..passed everthing...
Hy 395 south..of Carson city to Bishop..took hy 168 east..which was like a rollercoaster..out of Big Pine Ca...
Went over 10,000 feet..altitude..Busa still rocks up there,where light plane pilots need oxygen..hehehe

curtis T

Sounds like a great day! call me a Sally but I did about 400 miles in a day last week and that was about all my body could do, I have a corbin seat which is very nice for the long hauls, but it's my hands and wrist that take the beating, they go knumb. Im going to get some Heli-bars and maybe I'll get to your 500mile mark.



curtis T
Have you tried a tank bag. If you fill it with something that won't break or squish down too much, like rain gear, you can lean against it periodically and relieve the pressure from your wrists. Positioning of the tank bag is critical. Magnetic bags are easy to move around on the tank. It works for me and I'm old.


I did Germany and back in a non stop idiot so called day out!!

It took 18 hours from NE of ENGLAND to hockenheim GERMANY and back to LONDON with my girlfriend.

1,150 miles later. was I knackered or what.

Never again.


Registered win..did you say 1000 miles plus for a one day ride??
I know you got to ride fast in Germany..thats awsome dude..
and riding i said you win.. you work two jobs..Porshe and stuff..big bucks..Oh !maybe inheritance..I'm not that lucky..Ok ride safe..I didn't this morning..felt guilty all day..Like someone said..Horsepower
corrupts and the Haybusa corrupts absolutley.. :hammerhead:

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