It's here


I am scrambling... calling the Credit Union.... calling the dealer back......

In about an hour, I will no longer be a poser, but an OFFICIAL OWNER..... now you guys can tell me the password and show me the secret handshake.

The excitement is almost overwhelming...... I just hope I can refrain from amplifying all the stories about cracking the throttle for the first time, etc.... because I can't put into words exciting experiences very well.  I tend to go cave man in a verbal sense....

I heard that I should break it in by hammering it in first gear and letting the rev limiter help seat the rings.......BTW, I am 16 and this is my first bike ever..... which side is the clutch on????

Just kidding!!


Okay I will post a pic VERY soon.

So I left yesterday to go pick up the check - I applied for this loan 3 months ago... no problems with the loan at all. Well they just changed over computer systems (can you see where this is going???). To make a long, frustrating story bearable - I ended up not getting the check in time (well, I left when it way too late to make it to the dealer), and these people had a total of 4 loans now instead of 1 (Maybe I paid 40 grand for the LE and didn't know it??).

I am getting it this morning - provided their computer hasn't somehow wrecked my credit and flagged me for an IRS audit at the same time.......

Stay tuned... I could pop a major artery if anything goes wrong today

:whip: :whip: :argue: :whip: :whip:


That was really funny hehe . You know in Maine you dont even ride a bike just classroom time and they hand you a permit (no passengers no night riding and you have to wear a helmet) I had to take the class several years ago to get my license I had already been riding my 450 Nighthawk for about a year and dirtbikes for as long as I can rememeber but some people actually didnt know where the clutch and shifter and rear brakes where. Can you imagine ? Good luck with your new bike cant wait to see a pic . Where are you from ? I would see some of the posts on break in I personally drive varied RPMs not to redline until the first oil change around 500 miles I think then I ride it like I am going to when its broke in but no extended wide open runs till 4000 Miles next oil change then I went synthetic with the oil . Like I said thats me Ninja eater is into performance bikes and stuff I would ask him . Anyway keep the shiny side up good luck

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