It was a nice day on the org today!


Rider formerly known as wingding
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...and I just wanted to say it. There were some good questions asked, great answers and some good light-hearted humor. Work was slow and I am really glad this site is online. It makes my day go by soooo much faster. I get to read about all things busa. I get to contemplate my next purchase. The truck ramps and wheel chocks are at the top of my list....or ASV levers...hmmm. In my mind they are quickly moving from want to need. Pay the cell phone bill or buy bike stuff? Tough decision some days. When the whistle blows I give my PC the 3 finger salute and B-line it for my genII. I hit the interstate, throttle up, feel the never ending thrust and get a big shiat-eating grin on my face. Every day. It NEVER gets old. I feel very blessed and grateful for this busa life.