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I've recently replaced my output shaft on my 2009 Hayabusa, because spline were grinded off by front sprocket by a defective front sprocket. Replaced it, cases went back together with no binding. Clutch assembly was measured,oil, and reassembled in correct ordered. The clutch lever was bled with vacuum pump. Without the clutch cover on the clutch movement correct. After bike was completely assembled, put the bike in first gear to roll out of the garage. The lever felt normal, but the bike did not have that neutral feeling, it felt like their was friction somewhere in either the transmission or clutch. Still haven't turn the bike don't want to, unless I have confidence with it. Appreciate any help thanks.


Where are you located? If you installed a new output shaft there is ZERO reason to have to bleed lines and stuff etc.

The best possible solution would be to take it to someone like myself who can just evaluate the bike and it's issues in person and see what is causing the problem. The drag you refer to is very there and is quite normal when something in the drive line is not correct....can be something simple as a sprocket cover cocked and not bolted correctly. Or it could be something related to the cause of yur problem originally....I seen many many hayabusa's used and abused since 2000 and I will say they take abuse very well so there has to be some issue to cause problems like you had and are currently having, again it should be nothing anyone familiar w these bikes can't correct for you.

If you need more help Pm me a contact number and best time to reach you.


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you say you put bike in first gear to roll it out the garage, well that means clutch is engaged and even with clutch in will be harder to move than nuetral. turn key on, put bike in nuetral and nuetral light will come on and it will spin over and move like it should in nuetral..

If this doesn't work find someone trustworthy close to you to look it over. I think your a bit confused on how the engines works when in nuetral vs in gear..My best advice is stay away from the guy offering you help above.. do your research.


I do understand how know the bike difference from when the bike is in gear and when it is not. My problem is with clutch pulled in while in any gear other then neutral. It feels as if I'm getting a lot of pressure. It takes a lot to push it around with clutch pulled in. It wasn't like this before.


have you rebuilt the clutch basket corectly down load the manual,note the outer plate sits in a different slot to the rest of the plates,if i remeber corectly the inner collers go in a particular way and and there is three differnt types of plates in there

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