Is this possible?



"Michel Nostradamus (1503-1566) a French physician and astrologer who wrote over 900 predictions concerning the fate of the world. Written in four-lined rhyming quatrains, they were to be become famous for their astonishing accuracy.

Note: A quatrain circulating around and attributed to Nostradamus: "The village idiot" etc. is a hoax, and it was not written by Nostradamus.

That being said, the devil does hide the truth behind a lie, and the Antichrist's most important identifying trait is his ability to deceive. What better deception than to play the idiot? Hitler was ridiculed and compared to Charlie Chaplain, but the world soon discovered he was anything but a joke. bush openly remarks that his greatest advantage lies in the fact that people tend to underestimate him, and indeed the devil's most powerful weapon lies in the fact that we often underestimate his great cunning. Understand, however the principalities and powers commanding and guiding his actions are not stupid. . .

Nostradamus outlined three distinctly different and progressively worse Antichrist figures, the last one being the bloodiest of all. The first two Antichrists have already come and gone: Napoleon and Hitler. So we are really only waiting for the final Antichrist.

Using this information as background, we can now focus on details concerning the final Antichrist, according to the prophesies of Nostradamus:


century 6 quatrain 13

A doubtful man shall not come far from the reign
The greatest part will uphold him
A capital will not consent that he should reign
His great chair he shall not be able to maintain.

This one is pretty straightforward, and it concerns the man who tried to stop the AntiChrist's rise to power: "A doubtful man shall not come far from the reign" = Everyone doubted Gore had a chance, but he ended up nearly capturing the presidency. "The greatest part will uphold him." = He won the popular vote. "A capitol will not consent he should reign" = The right-wing US Supreme Court in Washington stopped the counting of votes in Florida to ensure Gore's defeat. "His great chair he shall not be able to maintain." = He's now also lost the office of Vice President.


century 2 quatrain 62

Mabus then will soon die, there will come
A horrible slaughter of people and animals:
At once vengeance is revealed coming from a hundred hands,
Blood, thirst and hunger when the comet will run.

This gives us a clue to the last Antichrist's name, the sign of his coming, and the slaughter he will initiate before he is finally removed. His rise to power is associated with a comet, and in fact it was during the spectacular show of the recent Hale-Bop comet that bush's own political star rose like a comet - he assumed his first elected office in '95 when Hale-Bop was first sighted, and by the time the comet reached its brightest stage in '97, he was already being talked about as the next president. "will soon die" means after the comet dies and the antichrist assumes power (the presidency), "will come a horrible slaughter " referring to the coming apocalypse in the middle east. "vengeance is revealed coming from a hundred hands" refers to the western alliance formed to take revenge for the bombings of the WTC and the Pentagon. "Ma-bus" becomes AMerican-BUSh by inverting the first two letters and leaving out the last H. Perhaps also referring to the fact that the Bushes have long been part of the Massachusetts aristocracy = MAssachusetts- BUSh. Though Bush Jr. likes to play up his Texas connection, Bush Sr, was born while dad was attending Yale, and Bush Jr. went on to attend both Yale and Harvard. (Note: Nostradamus also misspelled Hitler's name, calling him "Hister")


century 2 quatrain 30

One who the infernal gods of Hannibal
Will cause to be reborn, terror of all mankind
Never more horror nor the newspapers tell of worse in the past,
Than will come to the Romans through Babel (Iraq).

The AntiChrist, aka Mabus aka 'MAssachusetts BUSh', is strongly associated with a reincarnated Hannibal. Hannibal was the black general who invaded Italy with his elephants to conquer Rome, but he failed to deliver the final crushing blow. Sound familiar? Colin Powell is a black general who marches with the elephants (Republicans), and he's also bush's top general and right-hand man. Like Hannibal, Powell successfully invaded a country (Iraq), but he failed to remove Saddam. This Quatrain also tells us that Hannibal aka Colin Powell will eventually return to the middle east and screw-up again in Iraq - this time triggering such a bloodbath that the world has never seen before.


century 8 quatrain 70

He will enter, wicked, unpleasant, infamous, tyrannizing over Mesopotamia (Iraq). All friends made by the adulterous lady: the land dreaded and evil in aspect.

This indicates the antichrist (Bush), not desiring peace, will bully and 'tyrannize' Iraq. The 'adulterous lady' is the statue of liberty, lady liberty, symbol of America, a country that has forsaken God to follow after the Antichrist, in order to satisfy their insatiable greed and thirst for power (and oil). America's 'friends' are any allies bullied into aiding American aggression in Iraq.


century 10 quatrain 66

The chief of London by the American reign, The isle will divide thee from Scotland by frost; They will have again as King one who is so false an Antichrist, That he will put them altogether in a conflict;

The 'chief of London' is Tony Blair, Prime Minister of Britain, and it indicates that America is telling him what to do. 'Divide thee from Scotland by frost' dates this prophecy by indicating how Scotland recently voted for home rule and convened their first Parliament since 1707. 'Have again as king...' indicates how bush, the American Antichrist, is making British foreign policy like a king - and the fact that his family is descended from British royalty. 'Put them altogether in a conflict.' says he will drag both Britain and America into war in the Middle East.


century 10 quatrain 72

The year 1999, seventh month,
From the sky will come a great King of Terror.
To bring back to life the great King of the Mongols,
Before and after Mars to reign by good luck.

In June of 1999, bush formally declared his candidacy for president, and by a July he was already calling himself the president. It is important to understand it was not just a mistake. The AntiChrist receives his authority from Satan - not from God, and not from men. By "mistakenly" calling himself president before any election had been held, bush was announcing to the world for the first time in July of '99 that he was Satan's chosen ruler - the AntiChrist. Likewise the first AntiChrist, Napoleon, crowned himself emperor. And again the second AntiChrist aka Hitler never waited to receive a popular mandate before seizing power. Like Hister, Ma-bus aka 'AMerican- BUSh', used thugs to enforce his authority in Dade county. If bush had won the popular vote, and had not stolen the election in Florida, it would have been conclusive evidence that he was not the third AntiChrist.

Secondly, the quatrain refers to the fact that Antichrist will come into the world from the sky - the French can also be translated as 'heaven'. George Bush was born in 'New Haven' Connecticut. (Scripture says Jesus will return from heaven, and the antichrist is the counterfeit of Christ.)

Thirdly, it indicates that after the US gets bogged down and weakened by its war in the Middle East, it will be Communist China's good luck to be able to overrun what's left of the world in the style of Genghis Khan!"
Interesting, but to answer the question "Is this possible?"...I seriously doubt it.

However, if it is true, it is destiny and it will come true, so I had better hurry and get a lot of riding in before it is too late!
It all comes down to one thing. As long as someone wants to experience and learn from this space/time it will exist.
I read the bible not nostradomus .
I have always found fascination with reading this type of stuff. Makes you wonder sometime, but my undying belief is that I must live a righteous life and do my best to help those in need. If there is a heaven for me, then I want to be there.

I'm all about readings that are not mainstream, and that require some thought and speculation.

I hope he was wrong.
Keep in mind that Nostradamus predicted the world would end in 1999, he does not speak of any year past 1999.

I have read about many "Prophets" predicing the world to end in december of 1998, also to end in 1999, 2016 (when animals are suppose to start talking to us and attacking us, Fluffy fights back), and may other dates (think of the hail-bop).

Nostradamus' writings, like the bible, are open to interpretations. Dont always listen to what someone else makes a connection with. Decide for yourself.

btw, if you are interested, you can read all of his writings here:
I believe penn and teller said it best when they said "Yes the world is going to end soon. And considering that 90% of the world's population is going to be wiped out, I'm betting that I'll be one of those who will be wiped out. Speaking of which, you should see our credit cards bills, they are higher than our cholesterol!"

The world is full of chicken littles, "THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING!"

Yes we are all going to die in a massive worldwide holocaust predicted by a drunk in the 1500's. It still doesnt change the fact that we have to get up and go to work tommorow.

Remember, if you reverse this letter, change this letter, and switch this letter, and add this letter, the anti-christ ends up being Big Bird from Sesame Street, and his armeggedon army is grover, oscar, elmo, and the snufulfagus.

Its all bullshit, but it's definitely very very intresting and exciting bullshit. Thats why it sells so well

I wouldnt cancel your summer vacation plans though

well, for one thing, this article connects the antichrist to Bush, Look at Mabus in a mirror or cd, whos does that name look like?
If becoming a fortune teller is that easy, here are the predictions of MikeyUSF for you (and these will be 100% accurate)

1) you're going to have an experience at work that is going to make you wish you didnt work there, and that you were out riding
2) At the end of the month, you will have alot of bills to pay
3) You're rear tire on your motorcycle isnt going to last as long as you'd like
4) Even if the world ended tomorrow, the only people who would survive would be you, and every bank you owe money to.

Bet me a dollar that one of these predictions wont come true


Wow....heavy what do i do..take my wife for a ride on the Busa tuesday........yea...if the weathers good enough.
The thread is very interesting. I wil and always have placed my trust in God. I have never been forsaken by him or found displeasure. If it is his will let it be done
Interesting, but to answer the question "Is this possible?"...I seriously doubt it.  

However, if it is true, it is destiny and it will come true, so I had better hurry and get a lot of riding in before it is too late! :36:
I'm with thinker... Besides we live in a great country with awsome Military Power. i say live free and ride my ass off til i die.
No doubt this post is extremely interesting!!! I really enjoyed reading it! But in a word, its just a COINCIDENCE. What happens if I go to a party and I snatch the most beautiful girl off the dance floor while she is dancing with a guy that has a good chance to be with her and I grab her by the hair, snap her neck back with her chin facing the ceiling and begin to kiss her passionately and claim her as my own? My boys are with me and my right hand man is the big black guy on the sliver busa whom will get it cracking with anyone that steps to me! Bill Gates said he would put a computer on every desktop before he was even close to controlling the software market. Castro took control of Cuba and his men killed those whom opposed. A close boxing match has both men raising their arms in victory. I am sure you can find that you can take anything and make it familiar with something else. Even though we learn from our past mistakes, only GOD knows our faith. I once heard that someone invented card playing for those of us whom dont read the Bible, since a deck of cards has a close relation to what we read in the Bible. It could be possible though, you never know, still I think that it is just a coincidence. He at least ran for office, I dont think Hitler did! And Clinton showed us all he could be a little devil also! Though a Democrat, he told lies the size of elephants! No doubt, the post was one of the most interesting I have read here, but I wish if anything Mr Nostro would have predicted where we could find O Bin Laden before 9/11.....