Is this Busa a good deal?

Hi everyone!
Im a new member so apologies if I am posting this in the wrong part of the forum.

I decided to buy a Hayabusa. There arent that many around where I am. I saw a 2008 in a dealiers. Its got 3000 miles on the clock. They told me its been ridden for about a year. No dings or scratches. Engine seems in good nick. Tires not worn. Heated grips and brake leaver mods. The price is about £7.400. Any thoughts on whether this is a good price for this mileage?

One snag though, its a colour I dont much like. Can any one say how easy / expensive it would be to get it resprayed, for example like Pashnit's blue and silver

Many thanks
I don't know about England but here in the States, that would be pretty expensive. The exchange rate is about 1.65 so that would be about $12,200 USD. I don't remember but I think that is more than I paid for my 2008 13 months ago. JMO


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If you can afford it and you've done a good search to make sure it's one of the best deals you can find... Grab it...!:welcome:


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We're a little slow on the conversion rate and they do seem a bit more expensive on your side of the pond but if it's low mileage, clean and still quite a bit less than a new one then why not.:thumbsup:Go for it!:beerchug:


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Ive got some friends buying other Suzukis in the EU and they all paid quite a bit more than the stateside price.

Best bet might be to see what a comparable used Busa in the states is going for and compare that to the original new price stateside... get the percentage and compare that to the new/used percentage where you are.... just a thought.

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