Is this anyone here on the Org??


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I am traveling for work here in Charlottesville, VA and was stopped at a red light with this Busa. Is this anyone here?

Sorry it is such a cruddy pic, but I am literally LIVING in this rental car!! :banghead: :banghead:

There are so many sport bikes here; but you can hardly blame 'em because you would not believe the beautiful roads & twisties, not to mention mountains!

OOPS!! I have absolutely NO pic skills!! If anyone can fix that I would really appreciate the help. :) :) :thumbsup:
are you sure you wern't just taking pics of that guys rear ?:laugh:
are you sure you wern't just taking pics of that guys rear ?:laugh:

hee hee, I was really trying to get the personalized plate to show up...

Something like: Vondcb8r??? That doesn't even make sense to me so I am sure I have it wrong.

I wanted to see if I happened across a fellow orgster.

My travels to some of the rural doctors that I have to negotiate contracts with are taking me out to some rural areas of Charlottesville; the country roads, and twisties are breathtaking. Even the old one lane bridges. There have been a few groups of sport bikes riding together, and Harleys for that matter that have come zooming around the curve crossing the yellow scaring the mess out of me. Most of the bikes are the smaller 600's and 750's. This was the first Busa that I saw so I was wondering if it was and orgster.

Charlottesville is a college town with UVA here, so there are a lot of college kids with sport bikes running amok and gearless, but of course there are a good number of them geared up as well.
I can't help ya... Could be the member we have from Louisa, but I can't remember his name. I'm just over where I64 and I 81 meet from C-ville, so I'm kinda close.