Is this a  deal for a NEW  03 Busa in CA


Hi Yall ! I am new to the board, trying to get to the Busa family.I got a price of $10865 in Ventura out the door for a New 03 bBlack/Grey .I have see cheaper at LAcyclesports,too far to ride back.How much are these selling now? Can somebody give some info?.Also they want $400 for the Ex Warrnty.Please HELP.....C J.(Great HAYAB U.S.A site)
OTD Price? Including Tags, Title, Taxes? I would say it's a pretty darn good deal. Make sure the extended warranty is a Suzuki extended warranty. Not a third party. Price seems a little low for the Warranty... Myself, I'd jump on it.

I would say keep looking! I have seen several people get them out the door (Tax, Title, License) for under $10k!

Since I don't pay tax(Oregon res.), I bought mine from Canada for $9,016 OTD!

With the 04's soon to be out they should be cutting you a sweet deal well under that offer. If they can't beat that and you don't want to travel, I would just wait for the 04's!

Josh :cool:
I got I got it,Black/Grey.2003.Got a good deal from Thousand Oaks Suzuki.They were the best to deal with. Bob Archer Fin Manager,Yannick Truchi Sales were owsome people.I highly recomend them.Thanks to the members for motivating me. Now I know what you all were talking about.Its an,wow wow.I am soo happy:D
Hi Josh and the rest I payed $10300 out the door plus 400 for the Suzuki extended Warranty.I thought was a deal .The lowest I had seen was 10099Out the door at LAcycle sports near LAX I didn't wanna go there from Santa I went to Thousand Oaks. C J:(Happy)
Welcome aboard new Busa owner!

Post some pics... :D

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Thanks Michelle ,I took Photos Last night I don't Know how to post them on the board.I have them in my PC....C.J