Is this a good price for a 02' busa


I found a brand new 02' all black busa for 10,399 out the door,
I found a 03' silver/gray for 10,389 but I like the all black alot
Average. Not a bad price if it includes a destination charges etc. You can do better.
That includes everything, I don't mind paying a little
more because its the only black 02' around here.
Hey IwannaBusa Welcome to the board. If you don't mind the price then go for it. If it's the 2002 you want then tell that dealer that you found the 2003 for the same price. Maybe they'll throw you a bone to sell you theirs. More money off or maybe some accessories. Good luck You're going to love the Busa.
Pick the color you want and don't worry about the price! If you want the black buy the black. But you should know that red is the fastest color!!!!
I got mine about 5 months ago for 8900 out the door with extended warranty. I just got lucky.
Check prices at

Click here

Just type in Hayabusa and tons of bikes show up... from 99-03

I found tonight a good deal on a 2000 blue & silver, full exhaust & chip $5700  with only 4700 miles. Looks clean.
Located in Fort Collins Colorado number listed is (970) 227-1749
I got free weekends on my cel phone I think I'll call the guy tomorrow and see whats up with that bike. - Aloha
I agree with most of these guys. Depending on where you live, try out Champion Cycles in Chicago. I got a great deal on my '02 silver/grey back in June '02. I purchased it for $9365 OTD. Cost me an additional $500 to have it shipped here to me in Louisiana. Just my .02

I found a brand new 02' all black busa for 10,399 out the door,
I found a 03' silver/gray for 10,389 but I like the all black alot
That seems extremely high to me. I paid $9250 for the SE 1 month ago. He also sold me the Akra exhaust for $895.
I saw 3 02's on Ebay in Dec from a dealer in W.Va for $9350. He had 2 Black Blues and 1 Silver Grey. I can get an 03 for $10,000 in CT. These prices dont include tax title or reg. But you can get them out the door for that price and register it yourself.
offer them 9200 OTD.. they will take it on a 02 with the 03's piling up.
I'd say $9,800.00 max for a black 02, other colors seem to go for a few hundred less (gee, I wonder if it is because they are slower, he he).
Thats WAY TOO MUCH. Remember that bikes depreciated exceptionally fast. A new oh three is gonna drop 25% right out the door, an 02 is gonna drop even more because of its age. Also if you finance it you are gonna have to have full coverage on a bike that if it gets stolen in the first 6 months you can only expect about 70% of the insured quote. WHY--because its used an an 02. Now if you really want it--BUT IT. But i would surf around a little more to see if i could get a lower price on an 02 check the neighboring cities. I've found that smaller towns typically have better prices especially on the previous year models.

My $.02