is there an undertail exhaust for the busa?

I'll be picking up an '06 Busa (unless the dealer can get me an '07) when I come back from Iraq next week, and I was wondering; is there an undertail exhaust set available somewhere for it? I've searched for a couple of days (on and off), and I've yet to come across one.




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no undertail exhausts that i know of for the busa. I have seen one before though but the guy had it made custom.


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keep an eye on my thread about the hmf maps...ill be posting all the pics of the progress as i install the hmf pipes

Heavybusa has a point. The amount of modification needed to get an undertail exhaust fabricated for the Busa is going to cost some serious cash. You may find your self 3-5K in mods on top of the original 11,299.00 price tag for a new Busa. Make sure you are really sold to the idea and if so how do you see it when it is all over. You can mod a Ducati 999 rear end up to the Busa, but you will loose alot of space and money to do it. On the other hand you would be the only guy with that type of mod around. Really the Bottom Line Up Front is what you want and how much you are willing to spend for it, after all its your bike. Ask around the board and see who is close to you that could help with the mod work! Good Luck
Sorry these arent the best pictures but i did one for a customer about 6 months ago and it turned out really nice. In order to do it you must do away with the trunk and tail light. The hayabusa emblem you see on the back of the tail is actually the tail/ breaklight. In order to build on of these I need a 4-1 header and a underseat exhaust can from a 1000 RR I did this one with a yoshi but im sure other brands could be made to work. As far as the price goes it just depends on if you supply any of these pieces or I need to get them. Anyone message me if interested.




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Saw a very nice custom job on here last year. Wish I had saved those pics.



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wow i really like the all white for the seats but dont want the raised...would rather have the threaded kanji ....

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