Is the paint on your fairing chipping in front?


If the front of your fairings are starting to look like this... closed, link removed

Then get some clear vinyl like I did, a source.........  and custom cut you a section out.  Makes clean up easy as heck and your dont even see it.
i used to like you.... now i can put plastic coating on my chipped up fairings. where were you 6 months ago??

Sorry playa,
I also found out that "" already has it precut for the front of the lower fairing, headlight, tank, and some undertails.  Thats where I put mine to avoid them rockchips. Reasonably priced too. The undertail stuff I used was 3M and clear, yet thicker. Cant even see it. NO CHIPS HEA, TOO MUCH $$. And you know how I do it!

<span style='color:darkred'></span><span style='font-size:17pt;line-height:100%'></span>I GOT MORE TIME THAN $$$

Good Idea, Good products to keep your Busa looking fresh, Thanks...
Just ordered some 3M tank protectors from, thanks guys, your posts help me locate the clear ones I've been looking for.  
Where do I find someone who sells automotive paint?  I'd like to find it in sheets like discreet said.
busabuddy, look in your local yellow pages under auto body supplies to find some paint suppliers. ;)
Thanks Bullet, found it. Just didn't know where to look. Surprising that my auto repair shop couldn't tell me the same.