Is the gsx1300r capable of 60k+ miles ?


Just looking to see if there are any riders out there who have covered this many miles on thier bikes. I do about 15k a year and hope to have my 1999 bike for a least 3 years so just checking to see if it is likley to last.

Already had the CCT done and everything else seems fine at the moment with just over 9000 miles on it.
I know one guy with almost 50K. I'm right at 30K myself and plan on riding a whole lot longer.

I simply do not know of any other vehicle that is as well rounded as the busa, period. :thumbsup:
I got just over 14k, don't plan to get rid of the busa for a looooooong time. If I have to put another engine in eventually that is fine, still gonna keep her though
no idea but it seems to be a solid built machine so my money says its do 100k+ ... Which should take me to the cruiser stage :laugh: