Is my Busa supposed to suck this much gas?


I got to 81 miles on my new busa today and the gas gauge is well into the red... i thought a bike was supposed to get better gas mileage than that. maybe the dealer i bought it from didnt fill the tank quite all the way...WTF!!!


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I get 28 - 49 [indicated] so maybe they didn't fill the tank. is it new or used? does it run well or spray oatmeal and coffee out the exhuast pipes?


what did the gas gauge say when u got it? minimum should be about 130 agt least thats what i get and i have my pc set a little rich

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Mine got 25 mpg for the first tank, but after the bike broke in a little bit the mileage improved. Now I get like 30.

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I get 41 almost all the time, unless I do something silly like ride it the way your supposed to.


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Rayn, it is possible for a new vehicle to consume more gas than normal until break in. This is also true for oil consumption, so be sure to check the level frequently.


I just bought my busa yesterday, drove it home and put the first 16 miles on it, today I rode almost 200 more, and I can say that your first impression is exactly what I had. I made just about 80 miles and it was on empty, however my gauge said I was getting about 30 mpg. I know from past experience that usually the first few tanks of gas go quite a bit faster, and after re-filling I averaged around 34...also I was fluctuating my speed quite a bit as a break-in habit, so that im sure hinders my mpg, as well as testing its power a bit too... hope this helps, I have heard many rumors of 40 mpg, so am anxiously awaiting that as well


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it all depends on how high into the rpms you ride. I can get between 40-45 if I keep er below 3500rpm most of the time.


I get around 38-41 when I do not push and keep it under 3500 rpm like fstbusa noted.
Good luck, it should get better.

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I got my busa new as well and I recall re-filling at about 130 miles or so during the first 2 or 3 gas stops...  Its already well broken in and again like everyone said depends how you ride...

Under 4K or 3.5K you should be able to pull of 200 miles+... If you push it hard, 5 gallons got me about 90-100 miles...

In the city (chicago), I usually get 45mpg easy, do to traffic.

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Sounds like the dealer didn't fill the tank.  I got mine home, rode around the block and the red light came on.

Your mileage may vary:
I get 24 mpg at the track, and 42 on the road to Vegas.

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i did drive it a little hard, i havent experienced full throttle on the busa yet(but plan on it after 500 miles), the gauge red full when i got it from the dealer(they "said" they'd fill it up for me). maybe it's because it's brand new. hopefully, this weekend, i'll get a chance to burn another tank.


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MPG? I didn't think you were supposed to worry about that? I thought you were supposed to go as fast as you can from gas station to gas station...

Am I riding wrong or something?

Honestly, I have never even checked my gas mileage.. I really don't care.

I am honestly not in anyway trying to be sarcastic, but I think it is going to come out that way..

If I cared about gas mileage I would have bought a moped, if I cared about the cost of insurance (say it with me folks) I would have bought a moped.

The way I figure it, I spent about as much money as you can for a brand new non-modified rocket, I am paying one of the highest insurance premiums you can for a motorcycle. I figure a couple of miles per gallon here or there is the least of my financial woes.

And heck, it gets better gas mileage than my camaro does and costs less than a brand new camaro… so what the heck.. I am a head of the game.

Sorry, I always try to keep myself in perspective in my own little world.. ok I am going to go jump back in my sand box and play, I like rolling around in my sand.. it is fun..

So the Busa's can get up to 41mpg huh? Interesting… didn’t know that… seriously..

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Well, mine barely gets 100 miles to the tank. The bikes says 23mpg. It was 20mpg before I had my TEKA tune reset to factory. I was getting closer to 30mpg when I was still getting used to the bike. I think maybe I hammer it too much, but still, 23mpg ain't much. I'd like to see 150 miles to the tank for those long road trips...I'm having Johnnycheese put in a PCIIr and dyno tune it this weekend, so we'll see where we are after that. Mileage isn't everything.???

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