Is my bike new??????


Man.....a friend of mine that has been racing for years now helped me set my suspension and feels like a new bike. It handles a hell of a lot better and just falls over in the actually feels like a sport bike now!!!!!!!! Can't wait til the next track day!
What changes did he make and how drastic were they compared to the way you had it set?
Was your suspension set to factory specs?
OK 6'4", 190 lbs. He set it for the rides like crap while just cruising below 50....but when you get it up it feels much more stable. It seems to suck up the bumps and it just falls over.

All settings were increased from stock.
I ran the back down about a half inch....he said I only need about 32mm of sag when I put all my weight on the bike. I then ran the spring preload all the way down and backed it off about a quarter turn...he then set the dampening and rebound. I really couldn't follow what he did, but I can ask him to explain it better.