Is it true??? No more Busa??


One never knows what Suzuki has in mind . . .

Will a Gen 3 Hayabusa be a reality ,
it very well could be but it will not be
in the same league as the current
leader of hyper bikes ( H2 ) .

I can see Suzuki maybe going after

the title using the GSXR platform supercharged .

A factory high speed sport tour
platform like c10s would be great ,
it would compete and dominate the market .

The Hayabusa had its day
along with all the other hyper bikes
( ZX11 , 12 , 14 , CBR11XX , etc . )

I would rather ride it than any other bike,
regardless of its status as the king .



Yawn . . .

Honda / Kawasaki
blog by someone who was
not even alive to see these bikes .

RZ500 / RG500 ,
Kawasaki 750 Turbo ,
Honda Hurricane 1k ,
GSXR1100 , Yamaha FZR 1k
all hit 150 + miles per hour as well
in the same time frame .


..........of COURSE there was a part there a part 3? Still missed a few. Actually part 2 was OK, I rescind my previous post.

Good throw down RedBull...good throw down indeed.


It didn't appear to me that any of those bikes were stock, all of them seemed to have at least a pipe on them and an ECU re-flash is simple to not see....

I also note, the H2 and H2R are always lumped in together-one is a legal street bike and the other is not...why lump them together-who really cares how fast an H2R goes unless you are on a track.


Don’t be jealous because I’ve got 1st dibbs on the ALL NEW GEN3 Hayabusa!!!

ABS TFT LED QRT and any other 3 letter acronym you can think of :lol:

You name it the New Gen 3’s got it!!! I got the premium touring edition with hard bags and a heated LED cup holder :shocked:
Jealous? lol

Mhm .. I have a good source and nothing has been released. If it does come, I’ll pick one up as a daily. If it’s forced induction then I have plans already for that too.


You need 2 bike scales next.
I've always wondered about dialing in a bike with a scale under each wheel.
By measuring and sliding the forks ever so slightly, adjustable dog bones, and 50 vs 55 series rear tires, if you could change the front to rear weight, ride it, measure, adjust, and really perfect the corner tip-in and overall handling.
Depending on the cost of 2 quality scales, I'de seriously consider them for my next bike. Especially using my Bursig to quickly up and down it off the scales, adjust, repeat etc.
You got any insight on that?
I'm no Dave Moss or track star, but I have gotten good at setting up suspension per rider over the years, even just roadside without measurement.
I'de love to try something more.
Arch? This sounds up your alley too.
Whatcha reckon??
I totally missed this! Some of this is already done for us. Busas are delivered closer to neutral balance front to back weight. On the Busa, raising the rear 1" increases the front weight bias and makes the bike much more stable and confidence inspiring. I recommend this even for regular road riding.

A 55 rear tire increases turn-in quite a bit. It does make the bike more willing to drop into a turn, especially with the 1" risers. I personally found it too twitchy, but a lot of guys like it.

While you can tune the handling of the Busa it is configured for high speed stability, a character that will be hard to coax out of her. Still, scales would be interesting to really see what the results of these adjustments are doing.


Had a dream last night that a Gen 3 was released by Suzuki at 12:01, 1/01/2019! Had a 1100cc supercharged motor with variable valve timing, 240hp/150 torque. TC, ABS, cruise, LED lights, ESA. Best part is they broke the gentleman's agreement and rolled it off the lot with unlimited top speed.

Traded the BMW in on it - got the first one in Va! Unfortunately I had to wake up - back to reality.....

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