Is it safe to repair?


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If the tire is fairly new and not a half worn out, dried out piece of shid...then a properly done repair by a qualified tech is perfectly fine


Please allow me to elaborate.
The tires were identical Bridgestone Battlax BT56J REAR
The punctures were both Screw penetrations to the area near the contact patch biased to the outside.
The screws both perforated the tread groove.
The patches were identical and applied by qualified tire service technicians with extensive motorcycle tire repair experience.
The conditions of the road over the period were similar.
The parameters of my driving style are extreme and aggresive with increasing speed and lean over the period due escalating confidence with the Hayabusa.
165MPH + was a daily event due to road conditions and travel requirements.
I even hit some roadworks a little too fast and bent the rear rim.
ALL of this resulted in excellent performance and reliability.
I did not experience anything that would cut through a kevlar cord in the tire. This may lead to fragmentation due to it's weakening effects on the carcass.
Good luck,


I was in the same situation just a few days ago.. I picked up a nail in my rear tire Dunlop 208 with 3800 miles on it..pulled out the nail and had a slow leak about 5lbs per day. I plugged tire with Progressive tire plug kit, but I just didnt feel safe knowing that at any moment I could lose pressure again.. so i broke down and bought a new Dunlop Qualifier for the peace of mind...Brother, you are riding a very fast bike dont be cheap with your life...


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(VelvetJones @ Sep. 30 2006,20:31)
This sounds like a really good product. Don't ever let it be said that I can't learn something new now and then!

I'm going to look into this a little more. Thanks for the info.



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(Projekt @ Oct. 01 2006,00:40)
Like I said before, your situation was likely unique to you and might even be different the next time you have an issue.

Or you could have had umbrella patches like VJ said above.



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Where the puncture is and what made it is of the utmost importance! If the tire is close to worn out and a puncture occurs a plug to get home is ok for just that! "Get home" The tire plug you get from wallyworld has brought a sigh of relief to more than me on many different rides and occasions. Never had a problem with any that was a clean, in the tread area, puncture. Now if the tire had slime or some other crap in it like some home compressors have put there! The ropy lookin plug wont stick and vulcanize! But its not the fault of the plug. There are plugs that are DOT approved for steel radials for the trucking industry (Imagine that! never know what your riding next too) to B used only by professional, trained, tire repair persons. But like some drugs are sold off the shelf to anyone. Its the user that makes the diff. When all else fails read instructions! I have a kit under my seat, and a B/Cycle pump that has saved the day for me and many others. I have never had one leak until the tire was bald and there wasn't enough tire to plug. I never went over say 100 IT NEVER CROSSED MY MIND!!!!


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I had a patch/plug installed last week at a Honda shop. Every other place I called that sounded like they would do it, refused when I told them what kind of bike it was.
Might regret saying this, but I believe the decision to repair a bike tire is based on individual circumstance. Many people won't re-use a used piston, go back with the old rings, main & rod bearings, pan gasket or head gasket. Maybe I've been lucky, but I've had nothing but good luck re-using speed parts that were still good. Point is, most people would throw something away because they don't know any better or don't care. It's easier to throw money at a situation than to think it through. I'm 1000 miles away from getting new skins for the front and back. I decided that if I kept the bike under 75 MPH it would be okay. I'm 200 miles into that decision as of today.
With that said, I would probably not repair a new tire. My bike is too much fun to limit the speed for the life of the tire. My own situation was different with it having so little left on it.
Like I said, it based on circumstance. I would not tell someone to arbitrarily throw something away. There is a ton of that mentality in car racing. I made a good living for awhile on Ebay selling parts that people were ready to throw in the trash.

Don't bash me too hard please. I'm making an honest statement I believe to be true.


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go ahead and plug it properly....don't break the law by speeding....then get a new one as soon as you can afford it...

next time opt for the road hazzard coverage...then this thread wouldn't even be here.


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tell me something, is your life worth less than $200? get a new tire and take the hit. if it was your car than i would say go for it, but not your bike.

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