Is it me or...


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Is it me or is the Busa the ultimate head turner these days. I have had some pretty sweet rides in my life, which is not limited to one bad ass M Roadster, supra twin turbos, (a few of those), but everytime I get on the Busa, there are people looking, trying to talk to me at the lights, even the rice cookers want to give the Busa some props...

I have to admit, I am in love my Busa... I call it baby #2 next to my wife... (Don't let the Busa here that though... :bounce: ) Don't want to upset her...

i agree, i always get stopped every ride(by fans of the busa that is). Specially where I'm at, theres only one other busa bout 50 miles away that I even know about, and he never rides it...... Ain't I kinda luky?:super:?:super:? People wave and toot at me that I have no clue who they are..........
its defintely crazy...

I had a Kawi ZX7R before the Busa and it drummed up talk amongst guys every now and then, but never the women...

The Busa on the other hand is different. Before I owned it, I really thought that bikes were just a guy thing, but I get plenty of talkings, volunteer riders, etc... from the ladies as well on the Busa... My only issue is... I never carry the backseat. (Probably a good thing since I'm married.) My wife could probably give the Busa a run for its money when it comes to violence.

Cloud :devil:
Agreed.  The video store guy asked if it was a busa & he only saw it from the front view, through the window, at night.  Wound up taking a half hour in the video store, only 5 min to pick out the movie! :tounge:
The wife doesn't understand.
mine doesn't either... As far as she is concerned, it was a waste of money and it will be the first thing to go come hard times.

Boy does she have another thing coming... ;)
People talk everytime I stop at the gas station. Had a woman carry on a conversation with me at a red light. Must be the bike, because I have no game.:D
Yeah it is!!

In Japan, EVERYONE loves them. It is the only bike around here that has kanji on it. They know it is King... Guys and girls are always giving me a thumbs up or something... Isn't it great???
wish I carried my passenger seat more often, but I don't think my girlfriend soon to b fiance would like the fact that when I leave the house it was on, she's a quick one.................LOL
Tinman's right!
Yep it really does turn heads but the all black SE turns the most [/QUOTE]
Even the road kills sit up and look!
Steve C. :tounge:
must be the Bike. My 2001 red Bandit 1200S did not turn many heads but the Busa has made me a Babe magnet!

well maybe thats an over statement.
they still like seeing and old Geezer on a Busa!
Definately, there are a couple of us in this area and anytime we all get together we end up having a line of traffic behind us just to see where we are going. Stopping for gas has turned into a great time!
My bike attracts more men than women... :sad: I guess women feel intimidated by the huge power between my legs...
it has a one of a kind look.. gixxers u got look close and know what ur looking for to tell them apart if they have no markings.. and ive noticed more men comment on the bike too. only a few women have and they wouldnt be the ones id want attention from anyhow... and i think u are right they are intimidated of the busa.. but its soo gentle i would let them pet it if they asked...lolol
Believe it or not, my silver Busa gets visually upstaged by my buddy's bright, sexy-fire-red '03 KAW 636 when we are riding. And he's married, I'm not! ! DOH!