is it in poor taste???


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New guy here, need some input.
I love my 'busa, but have been giving some thought to adding a cruiser type to the fleet. Love the look of all the custom chopper "wide" rear bikes, and have gotten the bug pretty bad. But then I see this 250 conversion kit in the SF show photos, and start to think that this is even cooler, as it would be more unusual than the ever growing fleet of custom choppers on the road. BUT: will it kill the ridability of my bike? I ride mostly freeway/cruise around town, stray on to a twisty road about once a year. Have no vision of being a road racer, even though I've usually been considered relatively quick in the turns. I bought the B strictly because it's acceleration and stability on the freeway fit me very well, as well as the fact that it hauls my large frame quite comfortably (6'4", 290). Anyone ever ride anything like this, or any sportbike modified similarly?? I've done seat time on various Harleys and customs with the wide rear, but obviously the whole chopper thing is a different world. Any input??
If your a cruiser type, should look insane and other than be a bit of pig to get leaned over shouldn't be much of a problem...

Just don't forget your forward controls and Highway pegs... :cool:

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Your not alone, I have been giving serious thought to a Kawasaki Drifter 1500 with the big Indian style fenders. Not sure if something is wrong with me or not. Some days I just don't care about all the power (blasphemy) but I just wan to sit back and cruise.

The 250 rear looks bad as hell, I saw quite a few at some of the bike rallies this year.

Glad to see we have another Blue and Silver brother. Ride safe :cool:
see, that's why I asked. I'm not the cruiser type, just think the look is cool. As I said, all my seat time in aformentioned Harleys and misc. customs left me greatly under-impressed, but riding a 'busa will do that to you I guess. Does this mod risk losing ones' status with the sporty crowd?
NO I looked at the 250 conversion but by the time it was all said and done with the new front & rear wheel and swing arm and everything needed it was around 4000-4500 for that I can just about put a turbo on so I was not ready to do that. But the cool factor is still there.
tbonebusa - are you thinking of adding these mods to the busa? FAT rear and raked frontend? Just curious if you've ever seen one done like this before. I think you could still have the speed and stability due to the longer wheel base, but I think Rev is correct that you would lose some of your cornering ability.

Would be interesting to see some concept work on it. I think Rev is pretty good with PhotoShop, maybe he could work something up for you. You would pobably have to ask really nice though. :)

Where would you mount the highway pegs, and where would you get the control cable/lines to go with the buckhorn handle bars? :D

Good luck with it,
Don't forget the extra tall windscreen to keep you out of the 200mph wind.

youse guyz are killin me.....actually the only problem is figuring out the sissy bar for some 300 lb. tattooed chick in a spandex tube top.......:;):
tbonebusa, I was serious when asking if these were mods for the busa, but I was kidding about the buckhorns and windscreen.

I just thought it would be a cool idea to see a concept drawing of. I just can't draw that well, or use PhotoShop.
stkr00...just kiddin'back...but the only mod I considered was the 250 rear kit....I'm sure if you messed with the rake you would be building a drag-specific bike, which in my experience is a bitch to operate in any condition other than at the strip.... but I really would like to know how the 250 would affect normal street riding, not knee down/peg grinding sorties.
That's cool. I think you would be allright with the fat rear tire. It would change the cornering, but as long as you're not trying to race on the Dragon, or a closed course, you should be fine. You see a lot of softail customs with huge rear, and skinny fronts and they handle everyday cornering fine.

I've found that once you're familiar with a bike's handling charcteristics (good/bad), you can pretty much ride the way you want, because you know where the limits are.

Just don't forget where the limits are :eek:
thanks stkr00, that's why I asked the question. The customs I've ridden handle like crap- they don't want to turn in, and then they just fall over really abruptly. I know some of that is chassis geometry, but I'd hate to drop 3500 bones to turn the Busa into an ill handling pig.
If you put the 250 back there with an extended swing arm and kept the whole thing nice and low it could make for a pretty sweet 1/4 miler look. Add NOS, a Big Bore Kit, or a Turbo, and you should have all the credability you need, provided it just doesn't fall over.
If your not big into the twisties it may not be too bad, would certainly get some looks though.
just get the new R1, i know its not a busa could be cool i guess......



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