Is chrome sandable ???


I have some minor scratches on my chrome triple tree and need to know if they can be fine sanded out 2000 grit and then buffed smooth again, or whether i need to replace it??? What do you'll have to say???
Chrome is a very hard material and is very thin. You might want to try chrome polish first on a dremmel polisher pad. I would bet the sanding will never polish out. In the crome shops they plate copper or brass first and polish it (soft). Then they coat the crome and polish it out to shine.

Maybe you could practice on an old car bumper first to see if it can be done. No old bumpers lying around? Just use your neighbors car:laugh:
I'd say that sanding chrome is not a good idea. I've worked in plenty of bodyshops with guys that accidentally sanded corners or edges of chrome pieces. Never saw any of them get the sanding marks out. Never... Ain't sayin' it can't be done, but we tried a LOT of different things with no luck. Take it fer what it's worth to ya. :cool: