IRS manipulated the election?

Took 2+ years for a Tea Party organization, yet the President's Half brother, a Foreign citizen to boot, took less than 60 days....?

uhh...YEP. Between this and listening in on the AP's phone calls...yet, I still think there's nothing that will cause the Teflon Man to get impeached...

JUST THINK IF GWB had done all this....
You'll notice all of this stuff is gaining like never before. The reason is due to the AP phone tapping. Once the media is in the cross hairs, they aren't as willing to use kiddy gloves with Obama.

Too bad they were fine with what Obama was doing to the rest of us for the last few years.
I hope they did burn the media. I would enjoy seeing CNN go after Obama as much as they have gone after others.
The snowball may be gathering momentum.
And, the best part is that it exposes the main stream as the liberal, baised organization that it really truly is...
You guys are in denial. This is a hand slap, basically telling him to stay off their backs. They'll kiss and make up soon. Very soon and all this will go away. Can we say Lame Duck