Irritating rubbing noise on front brakes


Like i posted yesterday, I just got my 02 se busa, it only has 1100 miles on it and their is a horrible rubbing noise on the front brakes both when I'm stopping with the front brake and without using the front and just using the rear. Do you think it could need new pads? or could it be that it has been sitting a while? Anyway, just wanted to get some peoples inputs on this. Thanks.
My pit crew.... er, local mechanic told me some sounds like that were okay on Busa's front breaks because of the "loose" mount system. Sure enough, look at the brake disc and it's mounted loosely with these rivit looking rings and sort of just sits there. I get some noises at different times but never is a real problem. Like a "scrapety-scrapety- scrapety" but what he said made sense to me. Then he sold me a $400 break job. Kidding on brake job
stompy....figure out a way to get the front wheel off the ground , (front stand,side stand tip method, 2 strong buddies,whatever). Spin yer front, make sure its free-wheelin', if its not you may have a stuck caliper/warped rotor/etc .If it grabs too much , it can cook the rotors up,plus cause brake fade,and premature pad wear,yadda yadda yadda. Busa's and some other models are notorious for air in the lines,etc etc, right out of the factory . So, chec 'em yerself, or take it back to the shop you bought it from before warranty runs out.

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I ended up doin' a few weeks in California,cause of this an' that, but yer Islands are on the top of the list . The weather here is about to turn crappy , so it wont be long before I'll have a little tropical need . We're still researching the best month to go , and trying to get that to jive with my honey's holidays . I'm workin' on it.

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