Irish Victory


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Anyone else watch the Notre Dame game? I had to admit I thought the game was over before the end of the 2nd quarter. Being the faithful fan that I am I continued to watch my team even through the lows. The fourth quarter iwas worthy for calling it a game of the year. Mich. St had the ball on their 30 and ND intercepted it, Ran it back in for the come from behind. ND once again Picked off a pass to seal the victory with 30 sec. remaining. Totally astounding Victory!!! Go Irish!
Remember "Champions don't have to win big.. They just have to find a way to win."


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Great game, I thought it was over also by the end of the first half, but Notre Dame hung in there. The Mich. St. fans were stunned.


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You knew I was going to get in on this thread. Unfriggin'believable!!! My dad, brother (both ND alum) and I got together to watch the game because of the importance of this game. Needless to say we were digusted at halftime losing 31-14 and my dad actually went to bed at 37-21 in the 4th quarter.

Here's the funny part: As my brother and I are polishing off a bottle of "1792" on the rocks his wife brings my sleeping 2 year old nephew down for medicine because of his allergies.

Then the turnovers, big plays and penalties start happing and my brother and I are jumping up and down high fiving in complete silence doing everything we can from yelling our heads off because of my nephew. It was quite funny, you had to be there, and his wife is in the next room laughing at us jumping up and down going ecstatic in silence.

My brother and I decide we MUST to go wake up dad, so we start knocking on the door and singing to "Wake Up the Echos". Sure enough he answers the door in his skibbies wide awake with a smile on his face...we knew he couldn't force himself not to watch.

Game for the ages.


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Some friends and I were watching and one wanted to bet 20 bones with 5 min left that ND would win. No one took the bet! LOL One guy said, "no way, they have God on there side!


go irish,dont know bout that silly american football lol,watch irish hurling,30 irishmen with sticks swinging like windmills at a little white ball :laugh:


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