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Hi all,
This is my firstpost anywhere about my newly purchased busa..I have had 9 previously bought 900cc and bigger spoprt bikes so,I'm still alive because of respect of them.I used to go to the dragstrip alot with them and plan to with my new06 busa.
I read jinksters post and so many more about the better stock settings as to not kill myself with the stock settings.
I weigh 200pounds I'm 6'3'' and the bike has dog bones with the middle hole setting.
I would like to know if jinkster says 4out compress and 3out rebound and 1out preload forks for his 240 weight.
I could not find the perfect answer for my weight so I set mine at from turned all the way in I screwd out my compression to 3 lines showing and 2 clicks out for rebound and 1 click out for the spring preload adjusted on the side of the forks.
What would be the perfect setup for my weight for the front becuse I'm am just guessing at this aadjustment that I have done and need to know whats the right one.
Also,My dogbones lowered the rear of the bike and thus I would think that tat would change the jinksters rule of thumb adjustments if so what adjustments would be right with the middle position on the dog bones?
One more question he recommends 10clicks out rebound and 7 clicks out on the top for the rear shock with turning the nuts down 2 turns.
Since I have mine lowered with the dog bones should I just leave the spring collar as factory and just mess with the rebound and dampning of the rear shock?
All I know is jinster nailed it and did us a favor and probably saved a few spills too by posting that good susp info but all that is always different with different weights of guys and also the newness of the suspension or the oldness of it and whether the bike is lowered some has to make it different.
Oh and right now the frontend height has not been lowered .
I know its alot of crap having to read my long azz post but I KNOW THERE ARE GUYS ON HERE THAT HAVE BEEN THERE AND DONE THAT
What should my front and rear be set at and if a frontend is lowered doesn't that actually hurt me on the street versus say of course a dragrace at the strip..
Oh I did read where 1 guy said he had his compression screwed all the way in and 1/2 turn out on the forks and he weigh at 200pounds and said that it still was not enough.
I will get stiffer springs in the near future but for right now I just need to make the best of what I have.
Screwing the compression all the way in/down ;will that actually be binding with no movement or is there still plenty of safe internal movement if compressed on rebound and dampning of the front..
Oh and I live inbetween rockingham and charlotte,nc and need to find the ACE of personal dyno mapping around here cause I got a PC3,tre,NEW 42 TOOTH SPROCKET,MarbleMod,kandN FILTER AND I won't to get it all meaning all the horsepower it has to offer with proper mapping..
Thanks guys and I'm glad to be a busa owner on this board;I think busa owners know what it takes to go fast and not have to fight doing it .
I will setup the bike for street and then change settings for strip somewhat to transfer power.
Oh and I'm in the market for a oil pan so I dont have to worry bout busting and oil spweing.
Next post will be more down to earth short and sweet.


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I set mine just like jink's said to and it is working great for me and I weigh 210 lbs!


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I've pretty much done what Jinks said to do with the exception of tightening the rear shock nut - not that I won't do it...I just haven't gotten around to it. Noticeable difference. Oh, and I'm 5'8", 200#.


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(reconscout @ Apr. 18 2007,18:37) I will setup the bike for street and then change settings for strip somewhat to transfer power.
You have to figure out what kind of riding you do and how you want to set-up your bike.

The stock settings are great for commuting, cruising, and normal street riding.

If you are aggressive in the corners on the street sometimes or do trackdays, then you need to set-up proper ride height. Then adjust comp and reb for the type/condition of the road your riding.

If you drag race, then you need to set-up the bike for maximum power transfer. Normally lowering and extending.

You can't have it all. If you go for one area, you'll lose some in another area.

You mentioned that you have already lowered your bike. Based on that and that you drag race often, you don't want to set-up the bike's ride height per Jinster's thread. Unless your dog bones are adjustable to the stock setting.

I recommend that you experiment with what you read in Jinkster's thread, what other drag racers do, and trial and error. Don't mess with your suspension unless you know what you are trying to achieve from it. You need to figure out what you want your bike to do for you.


Actually I needed to add that when I got this bike it had the dog bones 3 position on it so being that they are allready on the bike I figure I will leave it in the middle and try to setup the suspension as superb as could be expected for street riding with intensions on enjoying the twisties being that I enjoy excitment and really don't mind pushing the edge abit until the bike tells me otherwise.I like the dogbones idea with an adjustment of the rear for the strip, hopefully I can still get real good feedback reviews on the twisties with it too;obviously not like a raised rear but I would hope that it would still be predictable and exciting in a good way..
Thanks guys for the help.

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Reading jinksters thread leads you to measure the unladen and laden sag #'s. Measure the #'s and start from there! Then rear shock will have enough adjustment for you but the front won't! Good luck!


I read the jinksters report for the gazillionth time(all except the last read I was kinda not together about the rider weight adjustments to be made.
Anyways,I actually read in there that the jinkster said the magic number for the laden weight mesurment is 3.449 and that he actually did not hit that magic number;he actually was .300(7mm)over but that is as good as it gets for cheating the factory sucky stock front suspension for his 240pound weight!
OK.. I figured if he is 240pounds and over .300 with the magic number being 3.449 then I maybe would hit the mark(magic number) of 3.449 being that i weigh 200pounds,40 pounds lighter than he did at his posting.
So I set up my suspension precisely as he did 2 full revolutions out fron flush in on the preload and 4 clicks out dampning compression and 3clicks out rebound .
I measured my laden sag with me gently getting on and off my bike and woolah I hit the nail on the head 3.449 or should I say jinster hit it for me.
I'm happy now and confident nowing that this is as good as it gets for now with the stock suspension.
Anyways a sincere thankyou to the jinkster for taking the time and heart to put this out for me and others!!
Also,thanks to you guys above for helping out with your replies that led me back there to jinksters post once again until my brain finally got it right..


I just did the jinksters rear setup only he turned the spring collar in a full 2 revolutions and I just went 1 and 3/4 revolutions.
I assume that with the rear jinkster was able to get the spring settings perfect for his 240 weight as he said the rear shock is good to go for us 200+ riders so I figured I weigh 40m pounds less so I just went a 1/4turn less on the spring but I did do the rebound and dampning setttings (10 and 7 )like he suggested.
So I'm off to the races;just kidding I'm going out back right now in the curvy countryside and see how the total suspension feels to this novice but amature bike rider.I'm not going to be going ballz to the wall but I will be able to atleast get a feel of the new setup versus the stock setup that it was set at with the dogbones being the only limitation on it all hopefully.I'll post back in a few days to let yaw know what I think about the overall feel of it .


What about us FAT 330 pounds....6'4 sometimes riding 2up with the wife hehehe its at factory settings..


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(WarBlade @ May 15 2007,20:21) What about us FAT 330 pounds....6'4  sometimes riding 2up with the wife  hehehe its at factory settings..
Yer screwed


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I'd say read thru jinksters thread and do some of your own measure'n. I'd go with the 240 settings before I'd keep the stock. JMO

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