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After jail breaking an iPhone do you still have to pay for the data plan?
I'm paying $30 for my daughter, she jail broke her phone. On AT&T do I still have to pay for data?
Does what she use it for now count in bytes when she uses it or does it now have unlimited data?
Will AT&T still see how much data she uses? Realizing AT&T may not let me stop paying but I'm just curious how jail breaking affects things?


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I don't give information to terrorists that jailbreak iPhones and such. That's breaking the coventant between you and the manufacturer. That makes you a commie thief. Tryin to thief air data and such. I'm also just being an ass hole and joshing. I have no idea :dunno:
It opens the phone up to do a lot more. When i had my old 3s jailbroke, I could share my internet with other devices without at&t knowledge. I don't think it's possible to block the data usage though


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They have been trying to make it ILLEGAL to do that, but either way Blanca, you still have to pay data yes.

Unlocking it, Jailbreaking it, whatever just opens up more options for your phone, doesn't make it free..


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Also when she's connected to WiFi, it doesn't count against your data plan. Only when she uses it on 3G/4G does it count against her data plan.


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Yep - you still pay for data. Like Bots said, it allows the phone to do more things; you can install programs that Apple won't allow in their App Store. Doesn't change the way that you're billed for data.

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